Beachbody Coach Tips

How To Grow Your Beachbody Business WITHOUT Chasing Or Bugging Friends & Family

Here’s how most new Beachbody Coaches start (and end) their new business venture. You get signed up, are super excited, you know it’s going to take some hard work, but you’re up for the challenge and can’t wait for the big money to start rolling in. The first thing you do is make a post…

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Howard Stern Drinks Shakeology

Howard Stern Drinks Shakeology – What Is Shakeology?

I was driving down the road today (7/15/19) listening to The Howard Stern Show and was pleasantly surprised to hear Howard mention that he had started drinking Shakeology. I was NOT surprised to hear that Howard loved it, and that he also lost 5 lbs in only a week or two because of Shakeology. Brent…

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shakeology and losing weight

Does Shakeology Work For Weight Loss?

Q. Does Shakeology Work For Weight Loss? A. Yes, but Shakeology is not the ONLY variable. For example, you can’t dip your McDonald’s french fries in Shakeology and expect the pounds to start falling off. Duh, I’m sure you knew that already, right? But let me explain a little more… A simple question that I’m…

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Ultimate Portion Fix

What Is The Ultimate Portion Fix?

It’s been said that weight loss results come from 75% what you eat, and 25% exercise. In other words, if you’re trying to lose weight, or even maintain your current weight, what you put in your mouth is very important. Sure, exercise and being active will help, but your diet will be the biggest factor…

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Is Shakeology FDA approved?

Why Isn’t Shakeology FDA Approved?

Every bag of Shakeology has this on the label; “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” Someone recently reach out to me and said, “I love Shakeology, but I’m concerned about the FDA labeling on the package,…

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transform 20

Transform 20 – Shaun T’s New 20 Minute/Day Workout

Shaun T is BACK! Shaun T, the creator of the popular in-home workouts Insanity, T25, and more, is back at it with his new workout, Transform 20. Transform 20 is for anyone, at any fitness level (it contains “modifiers”), and is guaranteed to produce results in only 20 minutes a day. Yes, you read that…

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liift 4 workout

Liift4 Now Available On Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody’s newest workout LIIFT4 is now available on Beachbody On Demand! I’m through the first 2 weeks and so far I’m loving the program. What I love about Beachbody’s workout programs is that they give you a plan to follow. There is no guesswork. All I have to do is follow the schedule. My favorite…

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is shakeology worth it

Is Shakeology Worth The Money?

When I first heard about Shakeology the first thought that popped into my head was, “great, another over-priced protein shake”. I’m a skeptical person in general (I think most of us are), but I also try not to be a cynic. I like to research and do my due diligence on things, and I’m assuming…

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Beachbody Beachbar

Beachbody’s Beachbar – Delicious & Healthy!

Beachbody’s new BEACHBAR is finally available, and here are the details! 10g of protein 5-6g of sugar 150 calories DELICIOUS!  Beachbar comes in 2 flavors: Chocolate Cherry Almond Peanut Butter Chocolate Or Try Out Both Flavors – Click Here! What Makes Beachbar Different From Other Snack Bars? Calorie for calorie Beachbar has a higher…

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clean week workout

Clean Week – Beachbody Workout Program – FREE!

Clean Week is a great introductory program for beginners. Many people are intimidated by some of Beachbody’s intense workouts, like P90x and Insanity for example. And I get it, to most people, the moves shown on the Insanity workout infomercial can appear… well… INSANE. Clean Week is NOT as intense as some of the other…

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