Beachbody (BODi) Bike Workout Studio

BODi (Beachbody) has partnered with MYX and created and amazing exercise bike that rivals (or possibly even outperforms) Peloton. I’ve owned this bike since it first was came out in 2021 and have been very happy with my purchase. It’s not something that I do every day, but I try to get a 30 minute ride in at least twice a week. It’s a great way to get my heart rate up and get cardio into my workout routine.

In the video below I show and quick overview of the Beachbody bike and some of the features.

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BODi Bike Adjustments

As you can see in the video, there are several ways to adjust the placements of the seat and handlebars. These adjustments allow riders to customize their bike for the most comfortable ride possible. The Beachbody bike is designed for riders between 4’11”-6’8″ in height, with a maximum weight limit of 350lbs. So technically LeBron James, at 6’8″, could fit on the this exercise bike comfortably. (Although recently LeBron’s actual height has been a topic of debate. Most of his career he was listed at 6’8. In recent years LeBron has mysteriously grown an inch to 6’9″.)

The Beachbody Bike seat can easily be raised/lowered, and slid forward or backward to insure a comfortable seating position for even the most weird and awkward body types. The handlebars also can be raise and lowered, and slide forward or backward.

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Check out the image below to see all of the features:

Beachbody Bike

Track Your Progress

Remember the scene from Rocky IV where Ivan Drago is doing all of the high tech training with a bunch of sensors attached to his body and a team of doctors/scientists around? (For the uninitiated, you can see the clip here.)

You’ll be like Ivan Drago, but on the Beachbody Bike.

The bike comes with a heart rate monitor that displays on the touchscreen so you’ll be able to see your beats per minute skyrocket as you turn up the resistance and come out of the saddle to tackle those steep hills. The sensors also track your cadence, speed, distance, and calories burned. Take a look a the image below and notice all of the data shared at the bottom of the screen.

Beachbody Bike Screen
Measure Calories Burned, Cadence, Heart Rate, Speed, & Distance

BODi Bike – Your In-Home Fitness Studio

“Nearly half the price of Peloton and more like a full home gym.” -USA Today

It’s More Than A Bike, It’s A Complete Workout Studio

Being a BODi member gives you access to LIVE classes along with “On-Demand” classes. However, with the Beachbody Bike you can do more than just cycle workouts. It’s a complete workout studio. Simply swivel the screen around, and you have access to BODi and the thousands of workouts that come with it.

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BODi Bike Swivel Screen
Flip The Screen Around And Access Thousands Of Workouts!

How To Purchase The Beachbody Bike

Step 1 – Create A FREE Account Here… Click Here (*Note – You will need to use the same email address when creating  your free account and purchasing the bike.) 

Step 2 – After your free account is created, head on over to and select which option/package works best for you.

There are some finance options available so you are able to get started with a low monthly payment if you’d like.

SEE ALSO: Try The BODi Platform For FREE!

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