The Top 10 Beachbody On Demand Workouts For Every Fitness Level

Picture this: it’s a balmy summer day, you’ve donned your finest activewear, and you’re all set to pump some iron (or, perhaps, stretch those reluctant limbs – we see you, reluctant yogis). But hold the protein shake, because we’re about to whip up a metaphorical smoothie of fitness awesomeness. This is no ordinary workout party – we’re talking about Beachbody On Demand.

Now, if you haven’t had your protein bar today, Beachbody On Demand is a sensational smorgasbord of workout programs that allows you to surf the waves of online fitness right from the comfort of your living room. Or patio. Or, heck, even that forgotten corner of your bedroom you’ve been meaning to tidy up (no judgment here, folks).

And what’s so fab about these online workout programs, you ask? 

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In the age of the internet, the world is your oyster (or your gym, as it were). With flexibility that rivals a Russian gymnast, you can tailor your workout schedule to your needs, whenever, wherever. No more driving to the crowded gym and fighting over an exercise machine. You’ve just stumbled upon a treasure trove of workouts that cater to every fitness level, every taste, and – not to brag – even your wildest dreams.

However, like choosing between cronuts and smoothies at your local health café, it’s important to find the right program for you. As it turns out, not all of us are Olympic weightlifters – *ahem* – so perhaps jumping face-first into an extreme HIIT program isn’t the wisest move for rookies. There’s no shame in starting slow, my friend. Remember, pick a workout that gradually builds you up and keeps you sparkling with motivation; don’t let it be the source of groaning despair every single day.

Get ready to dive into an ocean of online fitness possibilities. Be guided by your goals, your level of expertise, and (dare we say it) your inner fitness guru. With Beachbody On Demand by your side, you’re not just another fish in the sea – you’re a flippin’ mermaid. And who wouldn’t want to be one of those?

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Top 10 Beachbody On Demand Workouts

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Are you just mustering the courage to dip your toes into the workout world or perhaps already riding the waves of fitness glory? Worry not! With this list of the top 10 Beachbody On Demand workouts, there is a program for every gal and gent, regardless of fitness level. Keep reading for picks ranging from beginner programs to advanced regimens, chock-full of tips and tricks that will surely leave you with great results (and gasping for air.)

Best for beginners:

21 Day Fix

Brand new and not sure where to begin?  Start with the 21 Day Fix, perfect for beginners seeking a blend of cardio, weight training, and flexibility. Shake those flippers to a 30-minute daily sweat session and embrace portion control with the snazzy color-coded containers.

This workout program is for fitness rookies looking for a quick kick-off to their fitness journey.

In just three weeks you’ll see a toned physique and improved relationship with food. Better start shopping for that new swimsuit!

Country Heat

Saddle up, partner! Country Heat is a high-energy, low-impact dance workout accompanied by catchy country tunes. No, you won’t be line dancing with the tumbleweeds, just happily burning calories with some fun dance moves. Yeehaw!

This is a program for those who crave a fitness hoedown, without any step-countin’ complexities.

This six-week program will have you two-stepping your way to a toned body and – dare I say it – a hankerin’ for more!


Are you a warrior looking to take on a workout without barbells or bouncy jumping? Try PiYo – a fusion of Pilates and yoga that’s practically as zen as steam rising from a cup of herbal tea. This low-impact program revs up flexibility, strength, and muscle tone. Namaste fit!

This is a workout program for folks seeking varied movement and a mix of whole-body workouts in a relaxing atmosphere.

Follow this eight-week program, and emerge with a more flexible, toned, and powerful you.

Best for intermediate:


Let’s kick it up a notch! P90 is a transformative 90-day program that ups the ante with diverse cardio, strength, and sculpting exercises. Build a solid foundation for your fitness empire with this innovative regimen!

For workout enthusiasts ready to tackle a challenging yet rewarding routine.

This program will produce a toned and sculpted physique, built brick by brick, after your 90-day conquest.


Get ready to bust a move and size up your fitness game with CIZE! This dance-based workout sings (and dances) to the tune of a month-long cardio party. Bring out your inner Beyoncé and enjoy the dazzling lights of Fitness City.

A fun program for aspiring stars who want to dance their way through weight loss and body toning.

One month of CIZE-ing the day and you’ll walk away with improved stamina and some seriously sizzling moves.


Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of cardio, brought to you in the form of a 30-minute daily commitment. INSANITY Max:30 has been known to leave people in fits of giggles and sweat guaranteed to test your limits.

A program for those seeking short, intense workouts with potentially insane results.

Brace yourself for a rip-roaring transformation in muscle tone and strength after just 60 days.

Best for advanced:

80 Day Obsession

Are you a seasoned Beachbody buff seeking a beastly new workout? Try the 80 Day Obsession, an 80-day program that cycles through six types of workouts to meticulously sculpt your entire body and hone a head-turning physique.

An intense program for fitness freaks with a taste for rigorous, time-consuming workouts and a side of meal planning.

Become a body transformation superhero, displaying prowess in strength, agility, and total body toning.


P90X, the O.G.! 

It’s all about muscle confusion. Prepare for an intricate, comprehensive program divided into three phases; strength training, yoga, and plyometrics.

For workout virtuosos chasing an exhilarating, breathtaking fitness experience.

Endure 90 days, and you’ll emerge a P90X connoisseur, flaunting a chiseled physique.

Hammer and Chisel

Like a master sculptor, Hammer and Chisel artfully molds and perfects your body’s contours. A 60-day journey of strength training, chiseling away imperfections like a work of art.

For the experienced lot seeking a finely tuned balance of resistance, power, and agility training.

Look in the mirror post-chisel and marvel at a masterpiece of irresistibly carved muscles!

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Ready to rise to the challenge like a fitness phoenix? 

Try Transform:20, a six-week program that will have you leaping, stepping, and challenging your limits in just 20 minutes a day.

This is a program for the time-crunched overachievers seeking to burn calories faster than a shooting star.

Your supernova transformation will not go unnoticed – be prepared for improved cardiovascular endurance, toned muscles, and boundless energy!

And there you have it, a treasure trove of Beachbody workouts that’ll have you adventuring through this fitness odyssey like the legend you are! Now, grab yourself a workout buddy, strap on your gear, and dive in – may the gains be ever in your favor!

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Tips For Choosing The Right Workout

Oh, you brave soul, eager to embark on the noble quest to achieve perfect fitness! But as each journey begins with a single step, it is essential to plan yours carefully. Fret not, for we shall impart upon you the wisdom of choosing the right workout. Pay heed, and you shall conquer the labyrinth of fitness challenges.

Our first task: Assess your fitness level and goals. Stand tall, scrutinize your reflection in the mirror, and ask yourself the critical question: “What do I truly seek in the realm of fitness?” Are you a neophyte who desires a gentle initiation? Or an ambitious soul, seeking to break records and dominate the world? Jot down your aspirations, from weight loss milestones to demanding marathons. This knowledge shall act as your North Star throughout the journey.

Next, our trusted advisors: Healthcare professionals. The sages of the medical domain, these experts possess invaluable insights into the well-being realm. Set up a rendezvous with your doctor, much like a diplomatic meeting with an oracle. Seek their guidance on such matters as health restrictions, safety guidelines, and potential risks. You shall acquire wisdom that steers you in the right direction, avoiding the pitfalls of poor workout planning.

Now, to the trials and previews of diverse workouts. Suspend your disbelief as you experiment, venturing from one realm to another. Picture it much like speed dating, where you assess compatibility while entertaining brief encounters. Dance with yoga, flirt with CrossFit, and perhaps even have an amorous interlude with HIIT. All the while, ask yourself: “Do you feel a burning passion for this workout, as though you have located a treasure trove of fitness?” After your dalliances, ponder deeply upon those workouts that resonated the most, and choose the one that sparks joy in your soul.

The art of progression is as fluid as the passage of day into night. Your fitness journey is much like an unfolding epic tale, where each chapter demands its climax. Adapt and grow, transforming from humble beginnings into the mightiest hero of legend. Start with diligent practice, developing a solid foundation. As your strength builds, forge ahead into more challenging territories, proving your mettle through sweat and perseverance. Please remember, while you may admire the swift hare, you must aspire to be the tenacious tortoise to find lasting success.

And so, wise seeker, armed with these newfound tips, you shall embark on your quest toward the right workout. Heed these teachings, adapt to your needs, and conquer your goals. Go forth and discover the promised land of fitness glory!

Additional Features and Benefits of Beachbody on Demand

As if a vast library of workouts weren’t fabulous enough, Beachbody On Demand kicks it up a notch by providing you with access to a wide variety of exercise regimens that cater to your specific needs. Imagine having the world’s most versatile sneakers inside your closet, only this time they’re workouts; each style is uniquely designed to cater to every whim and fancy. You’ll never have to break a sweat finding a program that suits your style, darling!

But one cannot sculpt a masterpiece without a refined palate, no? This is why Beachbody On Demand generously furnishes you with meal plans and nutrition guides. Ah, the French have been known to say, “You are what you eat,” and we all know divine cuisine is the key to locking up those poor unhealthy habits and tossing the key over Niagara Falls. You’ll have sumptuous meal plans and delectable recipes to fill your plate, leaving you (and your tummy) smiling from ear to ear.

Worry not, dear reader! Parting is not such sweet sorrow, for Beachbody On Demand provides you with a vibrant support system from coaches and the online community. Think of it like the grandiose Facebook of fitness, an ecosystem teeming with like-minded individuals whose passion for well-being brightens even the darkest of days. With professional guidance and camaraderie at your fingertips, you’ll swiftly metamorphose into the svelte, powerful, and gleaming fitness butterfly you’ve always dreamt of becoming.

Now, my beautiful friend, you are equipped with knowledge about the charming attributes of Beachbody On Demand. So go on and sashay your way into a new chapter of your epic fitness journey. After all, as Shakespeare himself once wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” – shouldn’t we be the most fabulous players we can be?

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Did you make it to the end? Truly, a round of applause for your focus and dedication. Before you pack your virtual gym bag and sprint off to your next activity, allow us to serve up a speedy summary of the tantalizing Top 10 Beachbody On Demand workouts for various fitness levels we’ve discovered together. Bragging rights when you share this knowledge with your friends? You bet.

For our beloved beginner buddies, we invited you to twist and shout with Cize, dabble in the delicacies of T25, and indulge in the environmentally friendly benefits of Yoga Retreat. Our intermediate comrades, on the other hand, were called upon to brave the bulging biceps of P90X3, test the CrossFit community waters with Hammer and Chisel, and stretch those long, lean Insanity Max:30 muscles.

As for our advanced athletes with hearts of iron, you accepted the challenges of Size and Body Beast, faced the intimate rendezvous with 80 Day Obsession, and decided to Transform 20 in a leap of faith—or at least in stair-climbing sweat-inducing hops.

Remember Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance man, who believed that human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple, or more direct than nature? Well, he wasn’t around for Beachbody On Demand because, with such a cornucopia of choices, the options for your fitness journey are to the moon and back!

Darlings of the workout world, there’s a saying that goes: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” How poetic and oh, so true! We encourage you, with the warmth of a thousand sun salutations, to buckle up and dive headfirst into the brilliant blue waters of Beachbody On Demand. Find that golden-workout-locket that tugs at your heartstrings and gently whispers sweet motivational quotes in your ears.

Whether you’re just starting your fitness story or have countless chapters under your toned belt, remember, it’s all about finding your own fabulous workout fairy tale. You may have to kiss a few frog-like exercises, but who knows? You might just stumble upon your perfect-fit workout program – perhaps the greatest treasure of all.

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