Is Shakeology A Meal Replacement?

shakeology meal replacement

A popular question asked is, “is Shakeology a meal replacement?” In this post we’re going to be answering that question and explaining what exactly Shakeology is and who should drink it. Like most things in life, the answer to the questions is, “it depends”. There usually isn’t black or white answer, the answer usually falls in … Read more

Delicious Pumpkin Spice Shakeology Recipe

It’s that time of year again and pumpkin spice everything is here! In the past several years when fall season approaches, it seems like there is a “pumpkin spice” version of everything. For example, I’ve seen pumpkin spice Pringles, Oreos, Doritos, beer, chap-stick, toilet paper, and condoms. Yes, I’m being serious, there are actually pumpkin … Read more

Is Shakeology Safe For Kids?

Is Shakeology Safe?

A common question and concern many people have addressed is, is Shakeology safe for kids? This is a great question and it’s awesome to see parents are paying attention to what their children are consuming. If you look at the Shakeology label closely, you’ll find that it says, “Keep out of reach of children”. A few … Read more

Is Shakeology Gluten Free?

Is Shakeology Gluten Free

A common question we get is, is Shakeology gluten free? In this post we’re going to answer that question and explain a few things. So, is Shakeology gluten free? Yes, Shakeology is gluten free. Here’s the thing… Shakeology is gluten free, but it’s not “certified” gluten free. So, what the heck does “certified” mean? An unrelated … Read more