Is Shakeology Safe For Kids?

A common question and concern many people have addressed is, is Shakeology safe for kids? This is a great question and it’s awesome to see parents are paying attention to what their children are consuming.

If you look at the Shakeology label closely, you’ll find that it says, “Keep out of reach of children”. A few people have asked me, “why is that warning/disclaimer on the label?”… SO I decided to make a post to answer this question.

Is Shakeology safe for children?
Shakeology Label Says “Keep out of reach of children”.

Q. Is Shakeology Safe For Kids?

Here is Beachbody’s official response to that question;

A. “Shakeology is a dietary supplement formulated for adults. It is not formulated for children, and many of the dietary ingredients are there to meet the daily needs of adults. If a parent wishes to give Shakeology to their child, they should first consult their pediatrician as to whether the child should consume Shakeology and in what amount.


The disclaimer is found on most supplement labels and serves as a general precaution to parents to ensure that their children are not consuming supplements intended for adults. Even the vast majority of children’s vitamins includes that same statement on their label. While there are no directly harmful ingredients in Shakeology, the complex ingredient makeup of the formulas creates a need for a precautionary warning.”

Basically, Beachbody is proceeding with caution, which is always a good idea and something big companies tend to do. (Beachbody is a billion dollar a year company.) In the sue-happy world we live in, it’s always a good practice to take all of the preventive measure necessary to prevent from being sued for something silly. (Like when someone spills hot coffee on their crotch (see image down below)).

After reading Beachbody’s answer, I was curious if the vitamin bottle that my 3 year old daughter takes also said “Keep out of reach of children.”, so I went to take a look… and it does, here’s a picture below.

Is Shakeology Safe?
Kirkland Brand Children’s Vitamins Also Contains The Warning

So basically, the “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN” warning is on all supplements, even supplements that are specifically made for children. Throwing common sense aside, you wouldn’t want to leave the bottle lying around with you kids unattended and have them consume the entire bottle. I know, “DUH”, right?

Since we’re on the common sense and warning label topic, I’ve always found this one hilarious;

funny warning label
Thanks For The Heads Up! 😉

But no one told me NOT to pour this steaming hot coffee on my crotch!

OK, so now that we’ve determined that warning labels can be ridiculous, what’s the answer?

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Is Shakeology Safe For Kids?

Again, let’s use some common sense here.

In the video below, the creator of Shakeology, Darin Olien answers this question.

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Shakeology is not only safe for children, but they can also benefit from it in the same way adults do. Shakeology is packed with all natural whole food ingredients and does NOT contain any artificial flavors or colors.

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Shakeology is safe.

Important caveat: For small children, it’s a good idea to give them a 1/4 scoop, or 1/2 scoop of Shakeology.

A Few Comparisons

I personally know parents that feed their kids fast food several times a week, all kinds of different junk food, and trips to the Dairy Queen, etc, and then ask, “is Shakeology safe for my kids?

Come on.. really?… Really?

The questions these parent should be asking instead are;

  • Is this chocolate shake from McDonald’s safe?
  • Are these french fries safe?
  • How many grams of sugar are in this juice box?
  • Are there are artificial colors or sweeteners in this?

Don’t be that person who gives their kids Cocoa Krispies every morning and then questions if Shakeology is safe. (Here’s a list of the 28 worst cereals.)

My recommendation is to put EVERYTHING under the microscope in the same way you put Shakeology under it.

Side note – Want to know what ingredients are in a Diary Queen Blizzard? (you may not want to) Read the article here:

Ultimately, serving kids actual fruits and vegetables is always the best option. Shakeology is packed with nutrition, but you don’t want to replace actual fruits and vegetables with it. Feed them the actual fruits and vegetables as much as possible. On serving Shakeology, a great idea is to “trick” your kids into seeing Shakeology as a treat. Instead of an ice cream or milkshake, prepare them a deliciously Shakeology shake. There are many recipes available and I’m sure you’ll be able to find several your kids love. And if you’re feeling crazy, throw in an extra scoop of peanut butter in their for them.

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