How To Use The Beachbody Coach Mobile App

There is a simple way for Beachbody Coaches to enroll new customers and new Coaches right from their mobile phone with the Beachbody Coach mobile app.

It’s actually not an app that you will find in the app store, it’s a mobile optimized website. I’m not sure why they’re calling it an “app”, but either way it really doesn’t make a difference. It’s an effective tool that does what it’s supposed to.

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In this post I’m going to show you how to set it up and put on TBB Coach icon on the home screen of your phone so that all you need to do is tap it, and enter in the person’s name and email address.

One the person’s information is submitted, they will be sent and email with a link to complete the process. Easy peasy…

In the video below I walk through the process and explain how the Beachbody Coach mobile app works.

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Here are the steps to setting up the Beachbody Coach mobile app on your phone.

Step 1) From your phone go to

Step 2) Put the TBB Coach icon on your home screen so you can access it with one easy tap. On Android phones, you can do this for any webpage by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen and then selecting “Add to Home screen”. If you have an Iphone, the process is probably similar.

Beachbody Coach Mobile App

Once the icon is on your home screen, all you have to do is tap on it, and the page will open up.

Step 3) Log into your account using your Team Beachbody login details. Once you are logged in, you remain logged in at all times which prevents you from having to enter in your information every single time. Being logged in is important because it’s how the information you enter is tracked to you.

Now that the Beachbody Coach Mobile App is set up on your phone, now you’re ready to get out there and have conversations, ask questions, and when the time is right, enter in your new customer or Coach’s info.

There are other ways to share information, such as just sending over an email yourself. The Coach Mobile App is just another option and a great tool to use when the timing is right.

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Action Step – Homework Assignment

If you’re a Beachbody Coach, don’t just read over this information and think to yourself, “that’s cool”. Instead, take action an implement immediately.

Here’s what I want you to do.

Go to and add the TBB Coach icon to the home screen on you phone. Log in and test out the platform by enrolling a friend as a new customer.

Remember, the friend that you add does NOT have to buy anything (unless they want to of course), and they won’t be charged anything. All they will be doing is creating a free Team Beachbody account. Since they will be signing up through your link, they will be tied to you and listed as your customer. Reach out to a friend, let them know you will be adding them to test out the platform, and ask them to do you a favor and complete the process of signing up for a free account. If they’re hesitant, just remind them that they will not be charged for anything, it’s completely free and will only take 2 minutes.

Once they’ve  completed the process and created a free account, log in to your Coach Online Office, and on the main home page under “My Alerts”, it should say “You have 1 new customer”. You can click on that link and it will show your new customer’s information. It’s important to mention that you will receive commissions for anything your customers purchase at anytime in the future. So while they might not be ready to buy now, they might be ready at some point in the future.

Complete the steps above so you get a feel for how it works. Now you’re ready to get out there and start enrolling new customers and Coaches.

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