How Beachbody’s Customer Lead Program Works (Video & Screenshot)

One of the things that initially peaked my interest of Beachbody’s business opportunity was what is called “The Customer Lead Program”. If Beachbody was handing out customers, I wanted to find a way to be able to take advantage of that, so I decided to become a Beachbody Coach.

Recently I’ve heard a some Beachbody Coaches complaining about the customer lead program, and one Coach saying that the Customer Lead Program was “DEAD”.

These Coaches are wrong. They are wrong in their thinking, and they are wrong about Beachbody’s Customer Lead Program being dead. It’s still alive and thriving. And here’s my proof.

Below is a screenshot of the 6 customers I received in the past 7 days (at the time of this post 1/10/17).

Beachbody Customer Lead Program
6 Customers Given To Me In The Past 7 Days

So what does this mean? How does Beachbody’s Customer Lead Program work?

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Beachbody’s infomercials and other various direct marketing methods create thousands of customers every week that are put into the lead pool and distributed evenly to the Beachbody Coaches that qualify.

For example, let’s say Suzy is at home on the couch watching TV late at night. A 21 Day Fix infomercial comes on, she like what she sees, and picks up the phone and places an order. The person on the other end of the phone takes her order, and also asks her if she would like a free Team Beachbody account and access to a Coach for support, motivation, accountability, etc. Of course Suzy says “YES!”

Suzy is then part of the lead pool and placed into a Beachbody Coach’s business. The Coach reaches out to Suzy to see if she has any questions on the program or meal plan, to invite to a Challenge Group, to introduce Beachbody On Demand, to introduce Shakeology, to introduce the Beachbody Coaching business opportunity, to encourage Suzy to stick to the program and enter her results into The Beachbody Challenge for a chance to win up to $100,000.

Basically, the Coach’s goal is to help Suzy complete the workout program, get great results, and be a happy customer. When Suzy makes additional purchases, the Coach earns a commission. If Suzy decides that she want to pay it forward and become a Beachbody Coach, she signs up with her Coach that has been helping her all along.

There are no better leads than this. The people have taken the first step, pulled out their credit card, and made a purchase. They want results, and as Beachbody Coaches we have the tools and solutions to help them reach those goals.

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How To Qualify For The Customer Lead Program

In order to qualify for the customer lead program, you must be an Emerald Coach, and qualify for Success Club in the previous month. Every month a new qualification period starts.

If you’re not a Beachbody Coach, you probably don’t know what “Emerald” or Success Club means, so here is a brief explanation.

To advance in rank to Emerald, you would need to personally sponsor 2 other “Active” Coaches.

To qualify for Success Club, you would need to help 3 people get started on their fitness journey with a Challenge Pack. For more information on Success Club, click here.

The Customer Lead Program is an extra incentive. Beachbody is rewarding the Coaches that are putting in an effort and producing. You can’t expect to sign up, not do anything, and be rewarded for it. As Charles Munger says,

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of
undeserving people.”

The good news is that qualifying for the Customer Lead Program is not too difficult. Advancing in rank to Emerald is fairly simple in my opinion and something I’ve seen achieved by several Coaches in less than 24 hours. And selling 3 Challenge Packs is all about going out there and talking to people, asking questions, finding out what their goals are, and then if we have a solution that can help them, showing them that solution. Once you figure out how many people you need to talk to before 1 says, “yes”, it become somewhat of a numbers game.

It’s also important to mention that there are 2 different lead programs you can qualify for. Earning 5 Success Club points in 1 month qualifies you for the basic “Customer Program”, and earning 10 Success Club points in 1 month qualifies you for the “Success Club Program”.

With the Success Club Program you are given a customer, and you also get an upfront commission. The amount depends on what the person buys. Sometimes it’s a Shakeology monthly autoship and the person gets an order every month, which means you earn a commission EVERY month too!

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How Many Customer Leads Will I Get?

The number of leads given out through the customer lead program varies and depends on how many customers where generated in a month, and how many Coaches qualified. Some seasons are busier than others. For example, in the past I’ve noticed that I receive the a higher number of leads in the first quarter of the year while summer time things start to slow down a little.

My advice for all Coaches is to make Success Club your #1 monthly goal. Put yourself in a position to win and stack the deck in your favor.

“If Beachbody is giving out customers, I’m going to whatever it takes to be able to benefit from that.”

Even if it’s only 1 a month, that’s better than 0.

What’s important to understand is that the Customer Lead Program is an extra benefit. You don’t want to rely on it alone to build and grow your business, but it can help.

Beachbody’s Infomercials Benefit Beachbody Coaches

Some Coaches complain and say things like, “why would someone buy from me when they can buy from the infomercial.”… they see the infomercials as competition.

These Beachbody Coaches are WRONG.

The infomercials are not competition, that are a benefit. They bring brand awareness and also fill the customer lead pool. Over the years I’ve received thousands of customers through the customer lead program that I never would of been in contact with if Beachbody didn’t give them to me.

And to answer the question on why someone should buy from a Coach instead of the informercial, Amazon, or somewhere else, I explain that in my post here – SO PISSED! – I Lost A Sale To

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