I Lost A Sale To Beachbody.com…Ughhhhh!!

Beachbody Coaches Complaining
Stop Crying Coaches!

It’s no secret that Beachbody’s workout programs can be purchased at Beachbody.com, Amazon.com, or be ordered directly through the infomercials. So why would a customer choose to order from a Beachbody Coach when they could just order from these other places, and possibly have the option to split the cost into 3 payments?

I hear Coaches complaining all of the time, saying things like,  “my friend ordered Insanity from Beachbody.com!”

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Often times people that Coaches know will buy a Beachbody workout from an infomercial or Beachbody.com, simply because they DO NOT know that their friend (of family member, coworker, whoever) is a Beachbody Coach and that they have started a business. This is why it is very important to let everyone you know that you’re in business, and if they plan on ordering, to come and see you to learn how to get the best deal possible. And more importantly, ask people that you know for referrals. If they know someone who is interested in what you are offering, ask them to do you a favor and give that person your information. I’m always sending people to my Realtor buddy Scott, my mortgage guy Pat, and my tax guy Jeff. Not because I’m making money from sending them business, but because I want to help them out and I know they appreciate my referrals. We do this all of the time without even thinking twice about.

Treat your business like a real business. Let everyone know that you’ve started business and what you are offering. Don’t be one of those people that signs up to be a Coach, and then keeps it a secret.

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As Coaches, it is our job to effectively communicate the benefits and advantages of buying from a Coach versus buying from Beachbody.com. A few of those benefits are:

  • Most workouts come with a bonus workout that the customer does not get if they order directly from Beachbody.com or an infomercial. These bonus workouts have a real value of $19.95 or more. In the screenshot below I show T25 as an example.
T25 Bonus Workout
When Ordering Through A Coach, T25 Comes With A Bonus Workout, Core Speed ($19.95 Value) Exclusively Available Through Coaches

My Friend Ordered P90x From Beachbody.com….I Got The Last Laugh (His $170 Mistake)

I recently had a friend who told me that he ordered P90x off the infomercial. When I showed him how he could of gotten 7 bonus workouts if he would ordered through me, he felt like an idiot. He missed out on $170 worth of free bonus workouts that are only available to customers when they order through a Beachbody Coach. (see screenshot below)

P90x Bonuses
P90x Now Comes With 7 Bonus Workouts ($170 Value) Only Available When Ordering Through A Beachbody Coach

So always remember to communicate these bonuses to your customers. They don’t know about them unless you tell them. If you sit down with a customer and show them the extra workouts they will be getting if they order through you, it makes it a simple decision for them. They’d be crazy not to order directly from you.

  • When customers order through you….they also get YOU! Explain to your potential customers that they will have access to you to help keep them accountable, give them support, and to motivate them. Let them know that you want to help them get the bess results possible. On top of the free workout bonuses they will be getting, add yourself as another bonus that they will miss out on if they don’t order from you. Sell yourself….you have real value to offer!

FREE Ebook – 8 Things You MUST Know Before You Become A Beachbody Coach

Only 3 Easy Payments Of…!

Another common complaint I’ve heard from Coaches is, “Beachbody.com offers a 3 payment plan, so my customers are going there and ordering instead.”

Here is my take on this one. I think Coaches are overreacting, or looking for excuses or reasons on why they are not succeeding. It’s not like we are selling big ticket items. We’re not selling cars for thousands of dollars. We’re selling products that are usually less than $150 total.

If a customers wants to pay in installments, they can just use a credit card. I never understood the “3 easy payments of…” method and why people seem to love it so much. From a marketing standpoint, it is effective because it sounds good, but if you think about it, when someone purchase with a credit card, aren’t they able to make their own installment payments. A person can purchase the product with their credit card, and then choose to pay $15, $20, $30, or however much they want each month. How is that any different from paying $39.95 every 30 days for 3 months? Sure there may be some small interest charges on the credit card that you use, but because the overall price of P90x is so low, those interest charges will be minimal.

So if a customers wants to create their own installment payments, they can simply use their credit card and pay what they want each month. Don’t fall for the marketing strategy, “Only 3 Easy Payments Of $39.95!”, it ends up being the exact same thing…and sometimes ends up costing you more when you figure out the total costs (I did a quick check to compare shipping costs on P90x. At Beachbody.com shipping is $19.95, through a Coach it is $11.09.)

If  a customer insists on using a payment plan, a Coach could always create their own payment plan by ordering the product themselves, pay for it upfront,  and have it shipped to the customer, then bill the customer accordingly on a monthly basis through a service like paypal. This may be a little extra work, but the idea is to get creative, become a problem solver.

But in the end, the 3 payment plan is really a non-issue in my opinion. Generally people don’t even know about it. As Coaches, we talk to people about the products, and when they are ready to buy, we send them our link. If we’ve done a good job, the customer is not hesitant, doesn’t go searching for more information, and follows your instructions on how to make the purchase.

To use myself as an example, since I’ve become a Coach, (at the time of this post) I’ve sold a total of over $244,000 worth of products. Now I I don’t say that to brag in any way, but to show you, and give you proof that people ARE buying products from Coaches.

My Customer Orders
My Customer Orders

Have I lost some customers because Beachbody.com offers a 3 payment plan?….Maybe a few….but it really is a non-issue, these products are not huge purchases for the customers. A payment plan isn’t that big of a deal. Most people will have the money to pay for the product if they truly want it.

Shakeology Is Exclusive To The Coach Network

It is important to realize that as a Beachbody Coach, from a business perspective, Shakeology is our most important product. Selling a workout is great, but it is only a one-time purchase, which means that as a Coach, we only earn a commission one time. But with Shakeology, the customer drinks it, runs out, and orders more. It’s a consumable product and we earn commissions month after month as long as the customer re-orders. We made a sale once, but continue to receive a commission every month a a result from that one sale.

What is great about Shakeology is that is a exclusive product to the Coaches network. It can be ordered at Beachbody.com, but the customers that do order from Beachbody.com are given to the Coaches that have qualified for Success Club. The customer and the commissions are given to the Coaches that have qualified for that incentive.

Sales Made At Beachbody.com Is A Good Thing For Coaches

When sales of any products are made from Beachbody.com and the infomercials, those customers are put into Beachbody’s customer lead program, and then handed out to the customers that qualify to receive them. This is a great concept and an awesome incentive for Coaches. These customers are great leads to introduce to Shakeology and to also inform about Beachbody’s business opportunity.

Challenge Packs Are Only Available From Beachbody Coaches

Beachbody’s best deal are the Challenge Packs. These packs are only available from Coaches. It’s critical to inform your customers about Challenge Packs and let them know the money they can save with this offer.

In the end, it’s important to realize that Beachbody.com isn’t the Coaches competition. Beachbody has a unique business model that works well for everyone involved, especially the Coaches. Beachbody realizes the growth that comes from the Coach network, and are doing all of the right things to keep the Coaches happy.

Every week on the weekly “Wake Up Call” there are dozens of Coaches that are recognized for advancing in rank to Diamond or above. There are people that are having great success in this business. We all offer the same products and the same opportunity. We all have the same tools and resources available to us. Why do some Coaches succeed while others don’t?

Questions…Comments?…Leave Them Below, I’d Love To Hear From You!

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