Do Beachbody Coaches Need To Create A Website/Blog?

A popular question I get from Beachbody Coaches, or people considering becoming a Coach is, “do I need to create my own website or blog?”

In this post, and in the video below I answer this question and giving my opinion on this topic.

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Here’s the short answer;

Beachbody Coaches are not required to create a website. Every Coach is given 2 websites once they join. If you’re curious about what those websites look like, below are the link to each site:

These websites look great, they function well, and all a Beachbody Coach has to do is send their clients/customers to their website when they are ready to make a purchase. The sale will be tracked to the Beachbody Coach, and they will receive a commission for all of the sales made through their website.

These websites are referred to as “company replicated websites”. Every Coach has these exact same websites. While they look great and serve their purpose of allowing customers to make a purchase, these websites will not be found by a stranger looking for information on Google or any other search engine.

I’ve had this discussion with a few Coaches and they were disappointed when they found out that their website would not be found on Google. It’s important to know that this is nothing to be disappointed about. The is normal. This is expected. It’s unrealistic to think that a replicated website given to you is going to be at the top of the Google rankings. The company replicated site serves as “your store”, and your job as a Beachbody Coach is to send to people to your store… Make sense?

If you want your website to be found on Google or any other search engine, you will have to create your own website and your own content.

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Creating Your Own Beachbody Blog/Website?

It’s NOT required to create a blog of your own in order to have success. There are many successful Coaches that do not have their own blog and are able to build their business solely with their company replicated website and by sharing their links with others. It’s possible to build your Beachbody business by reaching out to be directly face-to-face, on social media platform, email, text… and if you’re feeling really old school, even a phone call. (Tip – Phone calls are very effective because not very many people actually call each other anymore.)

However, my opinion is that there is no harm in creating your own blog. Having your own blog will give Beachbody Coaches a “centralized” place for their business. It will give you a place to create content to share your ideas. It will give you more exposure, credibility, and brand you as a leader.

Think about it, would you want to work with someone that has their own website, or doesn’t?

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Tips, Advice, & Recommendations

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Don’t rely solely on a blog to build your business. Create content, share your ideas, and build your blog in addition to what you are already doing to build your business (talking to people, reaching out to people on social media, etc.)

Don’t create a website and move towards the internet out of fear. Many people who are afraid to approach their warm market think they can just put up a website and people will magically end up there and start buying stuff. Unfortunately this is not the case. This is “Network Marketing”, and the fastest and easiest way to get the ball rolling in your business is to market to your network (friends, family, coworkers, facebook friends, etc”.)

Here is an important distinction to consider;

Genuinely recommending a product or service to a friend (someone who already knows, likes, and trusts you), is much easier than trying to sell a product to a stranger. These 2 process are completely different.

Beachbody BloggingThe point I’m trying to make is, while setting up a blog of your own is easy, seeing business results (leads, sales, signups) from it is not easy. It’s best to start by working on your blog in addition to reaching out to people directly.

It’s also important to know that setting up your own blog and creating content is a LONG TERM plan. Most people expect immediate results and give up after a month or 2 when they are not getting any visitors to their site. Play the long game, add content to your blog regularly, and have a vision for what you can accomplish in 1 year, 3, years, and even 5 years. If you can stick with it past the “quitting point”, the point at which most people stop and give up, you’ll see results.

What I love about having my own blog is that it gives me a place to answer questions and share my ideas. I also love that once I create a post and click “publish”, my content is out there in internetland, for people to find, forever.

While I’m mountain biking, snowboarding, playing with my daughter, laying on the beach reading, or sleeping… People are finding my website.

Creating content is a great use of my time, because once that content is created it’s working for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s possible for anyone to leverage the internet in this way.

The question isn’t, do I have to set up my own blog?… The question is, why wouldn’t you want to set up your own blog?

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