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Screenshot Of Beachbody Coach Website (
Screenshot Of Beachbody Coach Website (

In this post I’m going to be answering a common question that I get from brand new Beachbody Coaches. The question is simply, “how do I make a sale?” or “where do I send my customers?”

This isn’t going to be a post on what to say to get people to buy. (Although one of the best books I’ve read on that topic is The Psychology Of Selling by Brian Tracy.)

This post explains how to complete a sales transaction and and get credit and commissions for your sales. It’s actually pretty simple, but it’s also something that as a brand new Beachbody Coach you may not know yet.

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For example, let’s say you’ve been doing Insanity MAX 30 and are seeing amazing results. You’ve decided to become a Beachbody Coach, and now you have friends at work that are noticing your results and are asking, “what are you doing?”.

This scenario is a common occurrence and is a major reason why the Beachbody Coaching business opportunity has seen incredible growth. Beachbody Coach are regular customers that are sharing there results with others.

So now let’s say you have a co-worker that wants the same results you’ve gotten. She wants to order Insanity MAX 30. The question is, “where to do you send her and what do you say to her?”

Where To Send Your Clients/Customers

A simple “catch all” place to send your clients when they want to make a purchase is to your main Beachbody Coach website. The url of your website will be:

*Important Note – In the url above, be sure to replace “username” with your Team Beachbody username. For example, here’s my site:

From your main Beachbody Coach website, clients can make purchases, sign up for a free account, or sign up to become a Beachbody Coach. Any sales made from your site will be tracked to you and you will receive a commission.

When sending people to your site, my recommendation is to explain in as much detail the steps they need to take. For example;

  • Wrong thing to say – “You can buy it at my website,”
  • Right thing to say – “Go to my website, Click on the “Shop” tab near the middle of the page. Then from the menu on the left side of the page look for the “Challenge Pack” link. From here you will need to scroll down and find the pack you are looking for. Once you find it, click on the “add to cart” button and complete the check out process.

*I always try to send a link with instructions in an email. I’ve found that is the easiest way to do it.

Effective Communication – The Rule Of 10,000

Can you see the difference in the 2 examples above? Part of being a successful Beachbody Coach is to be (or become) a good communicator. There are a lot of steps for people to take and it’s easy for clients to become confused. Do your best to explain every little step in as much detail as possible. A good rule to follow is that when explaining things (written or verbal), try to explain them as if 10,000 people will be hearing it, and the goal is ALL 10,000 will be able to follow your instructions with no problems.

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How To Link To An Individual Product

UPDATE: After I made this post, Beachbody came out with a “Coach Link Generator” which is very useful for linking to specific items. You can find the link generator here. When using the Coach Link Generator you can ignore the steps I listed below, unless you want to understand how the linking structure works. It’s actually really simple.

Another option you can use, which is one I like is to link directly to a specific or individual product. I like this option because it saves a few steps and makes the process easier for clients.

So for example, if I know that someone wants to order a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, instead of sending them to my main site, I can send them a link directly to the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack page. This would be the url:

*Important Note – Be sure to replace “xxxxxx” with your Coach ID number.

There is only one variable in url when linking to individual products. The variable you need to find in the product item # Once you have the item number you simple place it in the the correct spot. In the link below I made the item # bold.

beachbody coach links

So here’s what my personal link to the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack would be:

Does that make sense?

In the link above, “BCP21D160” is the item #, and 372382 is my Coach ID number. Your link to the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack would be exactly the same as above, except you’d replace my Coach ID # with your own.

In order to link to different products, you just need to change the item # to whatever product you want to link to.  Item #’s can be found at, just browse the shopping area to find which product you want to link to.

At first glance it may seem complicated, but all you are really doing is swapping out item #’s.

And remember, linking to individual products is optional, you always have the option to send people to your main website if you want to.

Sponsoring And Signing Up New Coaches

Now let’s say you have someone that is ready to sign up and become a Coach, where do you send them.

As always, you have the option to send them to your main site, and instruct them to click on the “Coach” button near the middle of the page. That way works and it’s simple and easy.

Another option is to send a direct link to the Beachbody Coach sign up page, here are 2 options:


*Be sure to replace “xxxxxx” with your Coach ID.

Another important point to mention is that before send out your links, you should ALWAYS test them first to make sure that you are sending people to the right place. You don’t want to let the silly mistake of sending out the wrong link cost you to lose a sale. When testing your links, always make sure that you are COMPLETELY logged out of your Coach Online Office and

I will repeat this because it is a question that comes up a lot. When testing your links, always make sure that you are COMPLETELY logged out of your Coach Online Office and

If you are logged in at, they system will recognize that you are logged in as a Coach and will not always send you to the same page that a regular customer gets sent to. Just be sure to always be logged out before testing your links.

Additional Useful Beachbody Coach Links

If you have a client that wants to purchase Shakeology or learn more about it, you can send them to your Shakeology website here:

Another link that I’ve found to be useful is the link where someone can signup for a free Team Beachbody account. When someone signs up from this link they will listed as a “new customer” of yours and you will get credit and receive commissions on anything they ever buy from This is the url:

Once again, you would replace “xxxxx” with your Coach ID #.

Don’t Over-Complicate Things

Don’t let this post confuse you. Remember, you can always send people to your main website. That way works. The purpose of this post was to let you know about a few different options you can use.

If you’ve found this post helpful, please let me know below by hitting the “like” button and by leaving a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Additionally, if you have questions on any of this, ask away!

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