Insanity Workout – How Long Until I See Results

If you have been doing the Insanity workout (or any workout program) for a few weeks and aren’t seeing results, don’t worry, this is normal.

Many people expect to see results overnight, but this isn’t how losing weight and getting healthy works. I think this is one of the main reasons workout programs are so hard to stick to for most people.

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You workout for a month, don’t see any results, and say to yourself, “what’s the point?”, and then throw in the towel and quit. Everyone is so used to instant gratification and want results “now”.

Being consistent & PATIENT are 2 crucial ingredients to the losing weight/getting in shape recipe.

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So How Long Until I See Results From The Insanity Workout?

Insanity Results
Insanity Workout Results

It is important to approach a workout program with realistic expectations and understand that getting results takes time. The Insanity workout is based on high intensity interval training, which has proven to be one of the best methods for burning fat fast. The Insanity workout are tough, but it will still take some until you see any results at all. Typically you can use the following guidelines below:

  • It takes 4 weeks for YOU to see your body changing.
  • It takes 8 weeks for friends and family to notice changes.
  • And it takes 12 weeks for everyone else to notice.

Insanity is a great workout and will get results much faster than most workouts, but you still have to be patient. Also, you must realize that a 60 day surge of Insanity isn’t the complete answer. You don’t want to do Insanity for 60 days, and then never workout ever again after that. Most likely it will take a few rounds of Insanity to reach your goal weight or fitness goals. Once you reach your goals you can back off the intensity, lower the number of days a week you train, and go into maintenance mode.

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Be Patient – Results Take Time

It is important to understand that being fit is a lifestyle. You have to schedule exercise into your weekly routine. If you take 2 people that have the identical body types and eating habits, but one person exercises 45 minutes a day, 4 days a week, and the other one doesn’t exercise at all, in a month’s time you won’t notice a difference between these 2 people. In a year’s time you might not even be able to see a difference in these 2 people. But as the years go by, 5 years, and  then 10 years, you will definitely be able to tell which person exercises and which person doesn’t just by looking at them. And its not all about looks, its about being healthy and taking care of yourself.

The key is to stick with it, workout hard, and have faith that the results will come.

Is Insanity Worth It?

Because I am a Beachbody Coach and have done many of their workouts, people often ask me my opinion before they make a purchase. For example, a friend of mine asked me the other day, “is Insanity worth it?”

And my reply was, “worth what?”

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To me, “is Insanity worth it?’, is kind of a strange and vague question. But I have a very simple and to the question, yes, Insanity is definitely worth the price, which is what I’m assuming, “it”, is referring to.

Insanity is a challenging workout and it takes effort to get through the workout each day. If you want results fast, it isn’t going to be easy. There is no magic pill or special diet that will get you results. Results come from hard work and persistence. If you aren’t willing to put in the effort required, Insanity may not be worth it to you.

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Is Insanity Worth It? – Ask Jonathan

If you ask Jonathan, from the video above the same question, “is Insanity worth it?”, what do think he is going to tell you. Of course he is going to tell that it is worth it, look at the results he got. Jonathan gained muscle mass, went from 19% body fat down to 9%, and now is ripped and look like an action figure. Congratulations on having such great results Jonathan.

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Is Insanity Too Hard?

Another common question I’m asked from people that are not in the greatest shape is, “is Insanity too hard?” If you’ve seen the infomercial or any clips somewhere online, it can be intimidating. The moves are intense, people are dripping in sweat, and Shaun T is hovering over them screaming at them to “digg deep”. If you are someone that has not exercised in awhile, I can understand why you might have second thoughts.

So Is Insanity Too Hard?

It is hard for me to answer this question generally, the answer really depends on each individual. But, from my experience, I would say no, Insanity is a workout that anyone can do, even if you are overweight and out of shape. The reason that anyone can do Insanity is simple, if you get exhausted and out of breath during the workouts, just take a short break to get catch your breath, then jump right back in. Shaun T even mentions this in videos during the workouts and encourages people to take breaks when they need them. If you are tired and can’t maintain the proper form of the exercise, it’s time to take a break.

If you think you are out of shape, chances are that you will not be able to make it through the entire Insanity workout without taking a break. You may even have trouble getting through the warm up. This is completely fine and is expected. Don’t get discouraged because you need to take breaks, especially when starting out. If you can get through the an entire workout on your first day, it is too easy.

Simple Tips To Help Get Through The Program

Track your progress by constantly taking less breaks. Always push your limits and lessen the number of breaks you take, and the duration of your break. On your first week of your Insanity workout you might find yourself resting for 15-20 minutes out of the entire 35 minute workout. Work at lowering that resting time each and every workout and you will be shocked at how much you will have improved in only 60 days. It is important to realize that results don’t happen overnight, these things take time.

Get the question, “is Insanity too hard?” out of your head and just take action and get started. Below is a video of an Insanity review by Felicia. Felicia is 34 years old, was overweight, and admits to not being able to do one push up before starting Insanity. Felicia didn’t ask, is Insanity too hard? She just got started and did here best. You can see in the video that she had amazing results and lost a total of 37 pounds.

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