Do Beachbody Coaches Have A Monthly Sales Quota?

Beachbody Coach Monthly Quota
“Are You Telling Us We Have To Buy Something EVERY Month?”

Yesterday I received and email from a woman who had a great question. She wanted to know if there was any kind of monthly sales quota that she needed to meet every month if she decided to become a Beachbody Coach.

The quick and simple answer is, “no”.

Beachbody Coaches are never forced to buy anything and there are no quotas to meet in order to qualify for commissions for your sales. If you make a sale, you will ALWAYS get a commission.

However, there are a few different scenarios and circumstances where a Beachbody Coach would want to make sure that they have at least one retail sale or personal purchase every month of an item that is worth 50 Volume Points.

Let me explain…

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First, it’s important to know that there is absolutely no monthly sales quota to meet in order to earn full commissions on your retail sales. If you make a sale, you’ll always earn a commission.

I used the term “full commission” above because there are a lot companies out there that don’t pay full commissions until you’ve reached a certain sales volume total for the month (quotas). For example, it may look something like this:

  • Sell $100 in products in a month and earn 10% commissions
  • Sell $500 in products in a month and earn 15% commissions
  • And the top tier would be, sell $1000 in products in a month and earn 25% commissions

The above numbers are just an example of how some home based businesses pay out commissions. This is NOT the case for Beachbody Coaches. Beachbody Coaches always earn a 25% (or slightly higher depending on what product or Challenge Pack is purchased) commission on their retail sales. It doesn’t matter if the Coach makes 1 sale, or 50, the commission percentages will always be the same.

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50 Personal Volume Points Are Required Monthly To Be Considered An “Active” Beachbody Coach

In order to be considered an “Active” Coach, you must have a minimum of 50 Personal Volume points a month. These 50 points can come from personal purchases, or retails sales.

I know, now you’re probably saying, “WTF Marcus, you just said there are no quotas to meet, now you’re saying I need to have 50 personal volume points in order to be Active…what’s up with that?”…

And my reply would be, “slow down there speed racer…let me explain”…

This is the part that can be confusing for new Beachbody Coaches. Some may overreact and the jump the gun and say, “I don’t want to be forced to buy something every month.”

Here’s how it works, as a Beachbody Coach you are never “forced” to buy anything. If you sign up to be a Coach, and you never sell anything, or buy anything, you will be considered an “Inactive” Coach.

Part of the confusion is the term “Inactive”. As a new Coach, you are not missing out or losing anything by being “inactive”. Being inactive simply mean that you haven’t met the 50 Personal Volume point monthly requirement to be considered active.

If an inactive Coach makes a sale, they will still earn a commission. And that sale will make them “Active”.

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When Being An “Active” Beachbody Coach Matters

Like I said above, as a new Beachbody Coach there is no punishment or missing out on anything by not being active.

However, as you build your business, there will become a time when you want to make sure that your status is “Active”, and it remains that way. The time for this is when you become an Emerald Coach.

Once you advance in rank to Emerald, (technically you need to be “Active” in order to be Emerald), you want to make sure you’re active. Emerald Coaches qualify for the customer lead program, and you don’t want to miss out on all of the customers Beachbody will be giving you.

Usually this is a non issue because if you’re making sales, and sponsoring new Coaches, you’re going to be active anyhow.

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As an Emerald Coach you will also qualify for team cycle bonuses, but again, being an active Coach is one of the requirements.

And lastly, once you advance in rank to Emerald, you will start to accumulate any Team Volume that you do not earn bonuses on in the current week. It carries over to the next week and accumulates, every week. For some, it’s possible to accumulate a very large number of Team Volume in one leg (this is a good thing). But if your Coach account ever goes inactive, meaning you don’t have 50 Personal Volume points in a month, you will lose all of the Team Volume that you accumulated (this is NOT a good thing).

As I type this I’m realizing that it may sound more complicated than it really is. A simple solution is to be on Shakeology Home Direct. As a Beachbody Coach, you should be drinking Shakeology everyday yourself anyhow. If you are drinking Shakeology every day, and ordering it every month on home direct, this will cover your 50 monthly Personal Volume point requirement and you won’t have to worry about ever being “Inactive”. Even if you don’t make a sale, you’ll be covered by your own Shakeology order.

For anyone that is really working the business, meeting the 50 personal volume point monthly requirement is really a non-issue. It’s basically one sale a month. If you’re drinking Shakeology yourself, you’re covered. Or if you have just 1 Shakeology customer that is ordering it monthly, you’ll be covered.

Let’s not look at the “minimums”, and instead focus on the maximums and the potential that this business opportunity has.

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The Sky’s The Limit!

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