My #1 Tip For Beachbody Coaches

In the video below I give my #1 tip to Beachbody Coaches.

When I first signed up to be a Beachbody Coach I didn’t know exactly what it was I was signing up for. I thought if I could make a few sales here and there, and maybe make a $100 to $200 extra a month, that’d be awesome. I never expected for it to turn into what is has for me. (*A full-time business generating over $100,000 a year for me.)

During my first year as a Beachbody Coach I struggled badly and started off really slow. Again, I wasn’t sure how it all worked and I wasn’t sure what to even do or where to get started. I didn’t take immediate action because I didn’t truly BELIEVE it was possible for me to have success as a Beachbody Coach. Which my #1 tip for Beachbody Coaches…BELIEVING.

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“You Must BELIEVE You Can Have Success”

I know it sounds simple, but let me explain a little further.

When I first became a Beachbody Coach my belief level was very low. I didn’t think it was possible to have success. I thought I might be able to make a few sales and maybe make a little bit of money, but I didn’t truly believe it was possible to turn Beachbody Coaching into a full-time business. I saw other Coaches having success, and in my mind I would tell myself, “he signed up before I did, she knows more people than I do, he’s smarter than I am, she’s more charismatic than me, etc.” In my mind I would make up any excuse I could think of for why I couldn’t have success.

My beliefs prevented me from taking action and obviously caused me not to have any results. It all started with my belief level. I realized I needed to work on raising my belief level. I was able to do this by putting in an effort to learn about the business model of network marketing. I learned it’s a legitimate business model and that one of the biggest myths people believe is success in network marketing depends on timing, luck, and positioning.

I learned this was NOT the case at all. Network marketing is a level playing field for everyone. Every Beachbody Coach signs up and starts off in the exact same position, with zero customers and an organization of zero Coaches. Success in network marketing is NOT about timing, luck, or positioning. Success in network marketing is based on effort.

My breakthrough came when I accepted these truths about network marketing,and when I took 100% responsibility for my business and my results. My actions would determine my success (and also my failure).

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Reading, Success Stories, And Associations

I struggled badly my first year as a Beachbody Coach because it took me that long to realize my belief level was the problem and what I need to work on. (In addition to my belief level, it’s important for me to mention that I also spent (and still do) a large amount of time on personal development. Learning and growing as a person.)

Everyone is in a different place, and what worked for me may not work for you. I’m simply sharing what personally worked for me and if you can relate to the things I’ve talked about in this post, then this be helpful for you too.

Action Steps – 3 Things That Helped Me Raise My Belief Level (In network marketing and myself)

1.) Reading – I’m now an avid reader and one of my daily rituals is reading a minimum of 10 pages a day. (This one simple habit can be life changing over time.) I’ve read dozens of books on network marketing and that has helped me understand the business model, and also my belief in it. Here’s a list of my top recommendations. (

2.) Success Stories – Seek out success stories of other Coaches. There are a ton of them out there. These are REAL people that have built incredibly successful businesses. If they can do it, they you can too! When one person does something, you can call it a fluke. When thousands of people are doing something, that is proof of what is possible.

3.) Associations – There are many Coaches out there that aren’t having much success. They complain, blame, and make excuses. When you are struggling it’s very easy to lock arms with this group and buy into what they are saying…Don’t do it. Pick who you listen to wisely. Take tips, advice, and recommendations from successful Coaches. Success usually correlates directly with the expectations of your peer group. If you’re hanging out with people that expect you to fail, then you’ll fail for sure. On the flip-side, if you’re hanging out with successful people who don’t make excuses, then their mindset, work ethic, and expectations will rub off on you. In short, if you’re hanging around with the wrong crowd, it might be time to limit those associations. Get around other successful Coaches whenever possible.

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