Is Beachbody Coaching A Pyramid Scam?

Q. Is Beachbody Coaching A Pyramid scam?

A. No (drops mic…)

The answer is no, Beachbody Coaching is not a pyramid scam, but if you’d like more info, keep reading…

Yesterday a newer Coach on my team sent me over a text message and asked this question, “Marcus, what do you do if someone says Beachbody is a pyramid scam?”

This wasn’t a question I couldn’t really answer over a text message, so I replied back and said I would send her over an email tomorrow, or we could set up a time to talk on the phone for a few minutes and I would share my thoughts on this.

This topic was on my mind so I decided to wrote this blog post about it and share my thoughts with everyone.

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What do I do if someone says Beachbody is a pyramid scam?…

Beachbody Pyramid Scam
Don’t Be This Guy

I react and respond in the exact same way as if someone told me 2+2=5.

How are you supposed to respond to someone that tells you 2+2=5, when you KNOW that 2+2=4?

You could try and explain to them that they are wrong, and show them math behind 2+2 and why it equals 4, and not 5. If they have an open mind they might be willing to listen, learn, and change their thinking.

I’ve discovered that in most cases people don’t have an open mind (about anything). Especially if they’ve always thought that 2+2=5. Some people have their opinions and ideas set in stone. There is no changing them.

(Tip #1 – Don’t be like most people, always keep an open mind and be willing to learn.)

As Rear Admiral Grace Hopper Says;

“Humans are allergic to change. The love to say, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ I try to fight that. 

The other option is to simply agree to disagree. You think 2+2=5, I KNOW 2+2=4… cool, let’s talk about something else.

(Obviously I’m using 2+2 as a simple example because the correct answer is very clear. Unlike most things in life there is not a “grey” area that the answer falls in.)

This is also how I handle the situation when someone says that Beachbody Coaching is a pyramid scam. If they have an open mind are are willing to learn about the business model, then we can have a discussion about it, or I can remove myself from the equation and point them to 3rd party information that explains how the business model works, and the legitimacy of it.

If someone has an open mind, and is willing to look at facts, there is no debate on whether or not the network marketing business model is legitimate.

Pyramid scams are illegal. Legitimate network marketing businesses are legal.

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Facts On The Network Marketing Business Model

The reality is that most people don’t understand how the network marketing business model works and have negative preconceived notions about it. In other words, many people think network marketing is a scam. (And I get it, I was skeptical of it at first too.)

I believe that anyone with an open mind that is willing to learn how it actually works will see that it’s not a scam.

For me personally, I just has to learn some facts.

For example, in a 1979 case between Amway and the FTC, the FTC ruled Amway’s business model legitimate, setting the standard for all network marketing businesses. .

Here are some additional facts;

  • Over 70 years as an established profession
  • (As of 2014) 99 million people involved with $182 Billion Global Sales
  • (As of 2014) 18.3 million people involved in the US… That’s over 5% of the population!
  • 1 in 4 adults have purchased a product from a Network Marketing company in the past 6 months.

*Source – World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.

The numbers above show the enormity of this business model, and that alone should be enough to think, “hey, this is a REAL business model.”… $182 Billion is NOT chump change, and a large portion of that was paid of to distributors in the form of commissions. The bottom line is, there is money to be made in network marketing.

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It Doesn’t Matter What Others Think

There will always be people that think network marketing is a scam, but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is what YOU think about network marketing. If you don’t truly believe in the business model, and know with 100% certainty that it’s legitimate, you will be affected by other people’s opinions.

When they tell you 2+2=5, you might believe them, and that will affect your success.

So step 1 is to make sure your belief of the network marketing business model is at 100%. This can be achieved by reading books and seeking out information on the business model. Seek out people that have had success, hear there stories and listen to what they have to say. (Don’t listen to those that are failing and struggling, it’s easy to buy into their excuses and to blame external forces.)

(Not sure what books to read, here’s a great list to start with, click here.)

Once your belief of the business model is where it needs to be, you will be unshakable.

Our job isn’t about going out there and “convincing” or changing people’s minds. It’s about sharing information in a consultative manner. If we can help someone solve a problem, reach a goal, or have something they are looking for, then great… And if they not interested, then no big deal, move on to the next person.

Beachbody History/Facts

I’m all about facts. Numbers don’t lie.

If you’re skeptical of Beachbody’s business model, consider the fact that they were a successful company for almost 10 years (founded in 1998) before the launched their business opportunity (2007). They could of easily chose to sell their products in retail stores like Walmart or Target, but instead they chose (wisely) to use the network marketing word of mouth model.

If network marketing was a scam, why would Beachbody choose this route? It wouldn’t make sense. They were already a successful company and had the top infomercial in the country airing on television (P90x)… Why jeopardize their success and entire business by deciding to something that was illegal or a scam?

The answer is, they wouldn’t… The chose the network marketing route because it is NOT a scam, and their growth and sales revenue numbers show that it was a smart decision.

Ultimately, I didn’t want this post to turn into what it has. The main point is, if you’re skeptical, do you own research. Pick up a book on network marketing. Study and learn how it works.

As with everything on the internet, you will get what you search for.

For example, if you google, “why Trump is a good president”, you will get completely different information than if you google, “why Trump is a bad president”.

Normally people seek out information to confirm what their existing beliefs are (it’s called confirmation bias). For example, if you don’t like running, you can search for and find articles that give example on why running can be bad for you. This is something you shouldn’t do. You should seek out information that contradicts your beliefs.

The point is, you will be able to find negative information on network marking and Beachbody is you search specifically for that.

My advice, pick up the book, The 4 Year Career by Richard Bliss Brook. Read through it, and see what you think.

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