What Equipment Is Needed For The Body Beast Workout?

Body Beast Workout Equipment

If you are thinking about doing the Body Beast workout, you are probably wondering what equipment you will need. After all, it would suck to decide to start Body Beast, only to find out you can’t really do it it because you don’t have the equipment. In this post I’m going to give you a … Read more

Can Women Do Body Beast?

Body Beast For Women

A common question we’ve been getting is, “can women do Body Beast?” And the answer is “YES”. Women can get great results from Body Beast. Just check out Shanda’s before and after results picture below: Try Beachbody On Demand For FREE… Click Here! As you can see from Shanda’s Body Beast results in the image … Read more

How Does Body Beast Work? – Dynamic Set Training

Does Body Beast Work?

Maybe you’ve seen the Body Beast infomercial, or maybe you know a friend that is doing the program and now you want to know, does Body Beast really work? In this post I’m going to answer that question and explain the reasoning behind it. The short answer is yes, Body Beast works IF you follow … Read more

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