What Is The 3 Day Refresh? – My Review

A great way to “Kickstart” your transformation is by starting out with the 3 Day Refresh.

As I write this, I’m currently doing the 3 Day Refresh and in this post I’ll explain my experience and results from it. But before I talk about my experience, I will explain exactly what the 3 Day Refresh is.

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What Is The 3 Day Refresh?

The 3 Day Refresh is designed to give you a clean break from bad habits, and you’ll also lose a few pounds, typically between 4-6 lbs, but everyone is different, so results will vary.

The 3 Day Refresh is a healthier alternative to liquid fasts.

If you’ve ever done a juice fast or an all-liquid cleanse that’s high in sugars and low in protein, you may have found that you felt weak and sluggish. And any weight loss you achieved probably came right back in a day or 2. That’s because liquid fasts can tax your organs, and crater your metabolism.

The 3-Day Refresh is scientifically designed to do just the opposite. It detoxifies and cleanses, while supporting your metabolism with easy-to-prepare, nutritious whole food to help your vital organs re-energize. That’s why you feel so good when you do the Refresh, and still lose weight at the same time!

The 3 Day Refresh helps your body function more efficiently, and it helps burn fat.

Instead of leaving you depleted from fasting, after 3 days you feel energized, lighter, REFRESHED!

The 3 Day Refresh is low in calories (900 a day), but it’s not a starvation diet. The meal plan is packed with protein and fiber so you are nourishing you body properly without being starved.

Here’s what a typical of the 3 Day Refresh looks like:


  • Breakfast – Shakeology & 1 fruit option
  • Tea Break – Unsweetened green or herbal tea
  • Late AM – Fiber Sweep digestive drink


  • Lunch – Vanilla Fresh Shake, 1 fruit option, 1 veggie option, & 1 healthy fat option
  • Snack – 1 veggie option & 1 healthy fat option or raw juice option
  • Tea Break – Unsweetened herbal tea


  • Dinner – Vanilla Fresh shake & 1 option from the Dinner Recipes list
  • Tea Break – Unsweetened herbal tea

And throughout the day drink lots of water.

Here’s a picture of my dinner on Day 1:

3 Day Refresh Dinner
3 Day Refresh Dinner – Roasted Veggies


Here’s a picture of my 3 Day Refresh lunch on Day 2:

3 Day Refresh Lunch
3 Day Refresh Lunch

And here’s a picture of my lunch on Day 3 (and remember, lunch and dinner also include the Vanilla Fresh Shake):

3 day refresh lunch
3 Day Refresh Lunch

The meals are actually delicious!

Everything is explained in more detail inside of the program guide that comes with the package, included meal plan, ingredients, and recipes.

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My 3 Day Refresh Review

3 Day Refresh Hunger
The 3 Day Refresh Made Me “Hangry”

On day 1 was 191.8 lbs. After the 3 days were over, on the morning of the 4th day I weighed in at 186.6 lbs.

I lost 5. 2 lbs in 3 days and felt great.

I’ll be honest, during the 3 days of the Refresh I was hungry. (Or my wife might say “hangry

The 3 Day Refresh is ONLY 900 calories a day. Which isn’t very many at all, but they are all healthy calories, which is significant.

For me it was hard, but doable.

But hard is to be expected. Results don’t come easy and there is no such thing as a “quick fix”.

The 3 Day Refresh is as quick as it gets.

I would definitely recommend the 3 Day Refresh for anyone looking to jumpstart their workout program with quick results.

A great plan would be to start with the 3 Day Refresh, and then immediately move on to the 21 Day Fix. After following the 3 Day Refresh eating schedule, the 21 Day Fix meal plan will seem like a buffet and be easy to follow.

What Comes With The 3 Day Refresh?

As I show in the video above, the 3 Day Refresh comes with 6 packets of Vanilla Fresh shake (2 each day) and 3 packets of Fiber Sweep (1 each day).

3 day refresh vanilla fresh vanilla fresh ingredients

3 Day Refresh Fiber Sweep fiber sweep ingredients

The Vanilla fresh shakes were actually decent tasting. I can’t say the same for the Fiber Sweep.

My advice for the Fiber Sweep is to mix it with cold water, stir it up, and chug it. DO NOT wait. If you wait to drink it, the consistency becomes thick, weird, and gross.

The 3 Day Refresh also comes with 3 packets of Shakeology. Although if you already have Shakeology, there is an option to order the 3 Day Refresh without Shakeology, and obviously the price is lower.

If you’re looking for quick results or help breaking some bad habits, the 3 Day Refresh is a great choice!

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