What Is Beachbody Coaching?

What Is Beachbody Coaching
What Is Beachbody Coaching?

What is Beachbody Coaching?

Do Beachbody Coaches make money?

What do Beachbody Coaches actually do?

If you are looking for answers to any of these questions you are in luck. In this post I’m going to be explaining exactly what Beachbody Coaching is and what Beachbody Coaches do.

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What Is Beachbody Coaching?

Beachbody Coaching is a home business opportunity. I think that the word “coaching” or “coach” in this case might confuse a lot of people. Beachbody Coaches do not actually “coach” people in the way that the word implies. Beachbody Coaches are not personal trainers or experts on health, nutrition, and fitness, and therefore they are not expected to give advice on proper form and techniques like a normal personal trainer would.

Beachbody has created great workout programs that include everything a person needs to get great results. The DVDs do all of the instructing on proper form and technique, and the nutrition guides and meals plans that come with the workout handle the nutrition side of things. This is great because it means that anyone can become a Beachbody Coach and take advantage of the amazing business Beachbody has to offer.

So right now you probably are thinking, “so if a Beachbody Coach doesn’t coach, what do they do? What is Beachbody Coaching?”

A Coach’s job is to support their customers and hold them accountable with challenge groups. Coaches are also expected to answer any questions that their customers have within reason. I’ve found that because Beachbody’s workouts are put together so well, customers rarely have any questions all.

To make the concept of Beachbody Coaching easier to understand, you can replace the word “coaching” with “distributor”. Beachbody Coaches are able to make money on products that they recommend to others. Being a Beachbody Coach is a business, and Coaches are paid on the products that they move.

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Beachbody Coaching is for entrepreneurs that want to own their own business and the freedom that comes with this business model. From my experience, those that are most successful in this business are people that have started out as customers, loved the product, and decided to become a Coach and share what they are doing with others. Beachbody Coaches don’t sell, but share with others products that they use themselves and enjoy.

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What Is Beachbody Coaching? – Why It Works

One of the reasons that Beachbody’s home business model works so well is because they have the perfect word-of-mouth products. For example, when a customer loses 20, 30, 0r even 40 pounds in 90 days with P90x, Insanity, Turbo Fire, or any of Beachbody’s other workouts, people are going to be talking about it. Everyone that knows this person is going to be asking them, “what are you doing, how did you lose the weight?” And this is the perfect opening for the customer, now a Coach, to tell people what he/she did and how they can do it too. Physical appearance, health, and fitness seems to naturally come up in conversations all of the time, especially when someone has lost a little bit of weight. Everyone loves to tell someone else, “you look great!”

Below is a video that will help explain what Beachbody Coaching is and how it works:

So to answer the question, “what is Beachbody Coaching?”, the simplest answer is this. Beachbody Coaching is a home business opportunity where Beachbody customers are able to earn money for recommending products that they use and love to others.

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What Beachbody Coaching Isn’t

Here’s is a list of what Beachbody Coaching is NOT:

  • Easy money
  • Get rich quick scheme
  • Pyramid scam

Beachbody Coaching is a real business that when taken serious, can be very lucrative. (To see the compensation plan…Click Here)

Still have questions?…Leave them below, I’d love to hear from you!

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