What Is A Beachbody Coach?

What Is A Beachbody Coach?
What Is A Beachbody Coach?

Q.) What Is A Beachbody Coach?

A.) A Beachbody Coach is an independent distributor for Beachbody. They don’t just sell Beachbody products, but also help their customers reach their fitness goals with support, accountability, and motivation.

Below is a more in depth explanation of what a Beachbody Coach is.

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Are you thinking about becoming a Beachbody Coach and want to know exactly what it is that Beachbody Coaches do? Maybe your question is as simple as, “what is a Beachbody Coach?” In this post I’m going to explain what it is that a Beachbody Coach does, and what you can expect upon signing up.

What Is A Beachbody Coach? – Don’t Be Confused

I think that the term “Beachbody Coach” can be confusing, specifically the word “Coach”, because as a Beachbody Coach, you are not required to be certified in any way, and it is not required to be an expert on health and fitness. As a Beachbody Coach you won’t actually be doing any “coaching” when it comes to proper form and technique, the videos do all of requiring instructing for you.

Since Beachbody Coaches don’t actually coach, I’m guessing that you are thinking to yourself right now, well what is a Beachbody Coach and what do they do?

To help you better understand the concept, basically the word Coach can be replaced with distributor. Beachbody Coaches are really distributors, or reps, for the company and earn commissions on all of the products that they sell. I think this concept confuses a lot of Coaches that sign up thinking that they are going to be coaching people in the same way that a personal trainer does.

Not having to coach people and  show proper form and technique is actually a good thing. Beachbody has put together great programs that provide all of the instruction on the exercises and the proper nutrition that a person needs in order to get great results. And getting great results is what is important. With Beachbody’s workout programs, it is already as if the the person is working out with a personal trainer in the comfort of their own home.

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What Is A Beachbody Coach’s Role?

Now I don’t want you to take what I’ve written so far the wrong way, a Coach’s only role is not just to “sell” Beachbody products. As a Coach, it is my job to support my customers, and provide accountability to those that need it through Challenge Groups or one on one interaction. If a customer has a question, as a Coach you would want to answer their question and help them out.

It is important to understand that by signing up to be a Beachbody Coach, you are signing up to be the owner of your own business. As a business owner one of your goals should be to make a profit. After all, Beachbody is charging you be a Coach, and if it is taking up your time, time away from your family, you should be compensated for that. Don’t feel bad about wanting to make money. If I pull back the curtain and strip away all of the overwhelming information, there are only 6 basic activities that you need to do in order to grow your business, and those 6 activities are:

  1. Share the business opportunity
  2. Share the products
  3. Sponsor new Coaches
  4. Sell products
  5. Support your Coaches
  6. Support your customers

As a Beachbody Coach, all you are doing is sharing with others what you are personally doing to improve your own fitness level. Beachbody Coaches don’ t “sell”, but simply “share”. To answer the question, “what is a Beachbody Coach?”, I’d answer, “a Beachbody Coach is someone that uses that uses Beachbody products, loves them, and shares it with it others. One of the reasons Beachbody’s business model works so well is because that people are getting great results with the workouts, and talk about them anyway. If you’ve done Insanity, P90x, or any other Beachbody workout and have gotten great results, I’m sure that you have talked about the workout the program with others, and most likely you have recommended it and someone has purchased it based on your recommendation. If this is the case, you should become a Coach and get paid for your referral, it makes sense.

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So that ‘s my answer to “what is a Beachbody Coach?” If you’d have more questions, send me over an email, or leave your question below in the comments field and I’d be happy to answer it for you.

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