Make Money With Beachbody

Make Money With Beachbody
Make Money With Beachbody

Did you know that it is possible to make money with Beachbody? It seems like everyone has heard of Beachbody’s popular in-home workout programs, P90x, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Brazil Butt Lift… just to name a few. But most people don’t know that Beachbody also has a home based business opportunity that anyone can participate in.

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Beachbody’s distributors are referred to as “Coaches”, but they are not fitness or nutrition experts. Typically Coaches are just ordinary Beachbody customers that have used a Beachbody product, gotten great results, and became a Coach so they can get paid for recommending Beachbody products to others. In most cases, these customers were recommending Beachbody products already, so it made sense to become a Coach to be able to be compensated for their referral.

The concept behind this business works great because Beachbody has “perfect word-of-mouth” products that get real results. When someone loses 20, 30, or even 40 pounds, people are going to be asking, “how’d you lose weight?”

Think about it, what is the first thing you say to someone you haven’t seen in a few months, it is always, “you look great!” Even if its a lie…lol….but what if that “you look great!” was sincere? The fact is, Beachbody has products that people talk about, which fits into the business model for Coaches perfectly.

Health and fitness is a topic that seems to com up in everyday conversations naturally. At least more naturally than candles, make-up, jewelry, or purses.

In the video the below, the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, talks about Beachbody’s business opportunity and gives some background on himself and the company.

Beachbody Coaches Can Make Money With Beachbody

Beachbody Coaches can make money with Beachbody in several ways. First there is retail sales. Beachbody Coaches typically earn a 25% commission on all of the retail sales that they make. So for example, when a Beachbody Coach makes a Shakeology sale, which retails for $130, the Coach will earn a 25% percent commission of approximately $30. There is no limit to how much a Beachbody Coach can earn, if a Coach can sell sell 10 P90xes a week, that Coach will earn ($30 x 10) $300 for that week.

A few of the highlights of Beachbody’s business opportunity are that there are never any quotas to meet in order to qualify for commissions on retails sales, there is no inventory to buy, and the Coach does not have to worry about shipping the product or even billing the customer, Beachbody does all of that. All of the sales are made through the website that Beachbody Coaches are given when they sign up, so to make money with Beachbody, all that a Coach has to do is send customers to their website, and all of the orders placed are tracked to the appropriate Coach and they will credit for the sale, and the commissions.

FREE Ebook – 8 Things You MUST Know Before You Become A Beachbody Coach

Make Money With Beachbody By Building A Team Of Coaches

Another way that it is possible to make money with Beachbody is by becoming a Coach and building a team of Coaches. Beachbody uses the network marketing business model, and Coaches can earn bonuses on all of the volume created within their organization.

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There are a lot of people that have negative feeling towards network marketing in general, and if you are the type of person that cringes when hearing the words, “network marketing”, or “MLM”, I just ask you to keep an open mind. The most common objection I get from people when then hear the words network marketing is, “oh, its one of those pyramid scams things”. This is usually from people that don’t much about how the business model works.

I always let people know that this is a legitimate business and that Beachbody was a successful, profitable company for 8 years, before they even launched their “business opportunity”. Beachbody could of chose to sell their workout programs in popular retail stores like Walmart, and Target, but instead choose to continue distributing their products  through infomercials, AND the Coach network. Why would a successful company choose this business model if it was a “scam”? That wouldn’t make sense. From the graph below, we can see that Beachbody is making all the right decisions and are experiencing incredible revenue grow year after year.

Beachbody Annual Sales
Beachbody Annual Revenue Growth (click to enlarge)

I also tell people to do their own research, and that if network marketing was a scam, why would Donald Trump dedicate an entire chapter to it in his book, Why We Want You To Be Rich. We can choose to listen to our broke friend or family member that is telling us it is a scam, or we can listen to a guy like Donald Trump, that has had more financial success than 99.9% of everyone in the world. Even though he had weird hair, I choose to listen to Donald over my broke friend or family member any day.

Anyone can make money with Beachbody by becoming a Beachbody Coach and treating it like a real business, not a hobby. It is important understand that as a Beachbody Coach you are paid entirely on your own efforts. If you sign up to be a Coach, and do not put in a real effort, obviously you will not make any money. And on the flip side  if you are willing to put in a real effort, treat your business like a “real” business, and are willing to learn new things, then the sky is limit on how much money you can earn as a Beachbody Coach.

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