How To Save 50% On T25, CIZE, Body Beast, And More!

Since becoming a Beachbody Coach back in 2009 I’ve seen many changes, improvements, and additions to Beachbody’s product line and services. Back in the day, Beachbody was basically only “P90x”. Since becoming a Coach I’ve been able to witness the hugely successful launches of Insanity, Turbo Fire, Body Beast, T25, P90x2 & P90x3, the 21 Day Fix, Shakeology, and the list goes on and on.

Save Huge (50%) On Beachbody’s Premium Workouts

Currently Beachbody’s newest service is called “Digital Unlocking”.

With Digital Unlocking, Beachbody On Demand members are able to save 50% on premium workouts (T25, CIZE, and Body Beast) by choosing to stream them versus receiving the physical DVDs.

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Currently the workout programs available for digital unlocking are CIZE, T25, and Body Beast. In the video below I walk through the steps on how to get signed up for Beachbody On Demand and take advantage of these great savings.

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How To Save Huge On Cize, T25, and Body Beast

Step 1: Get signed up for the Beachbody On Demand membership – Click Here

Step 2: Once you have your On Demand membership you will be able to login and as I show in the video. Simply go to “Programs” and select “Premium Content”.

You will now see the options to purchase and “unlock” whichever workout program you choose at 50% savings.

Additional Benefits Of Beachbody On Demand

Beachbody On Demand is a digital library that allows you to stream your workouts to your phone, laptop, tablet, computer, TV, and just about anything that has an internet connection. Think “Netflix For Fitness”, it’s the same concept.

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Inside of the On Demand library is over $4000 (and constantly growing) in workout programming value, along with the meal plans that come with each program. I won’t name every program, but here are a few of Beachbody’s popular workout that every member has access to. These are NOT premium workouts that required to be “unlocked”.

  • P90x
  • P90x2
  • P90x3
  • Insanity
  • Brazil Butt Lift
  • Turbo Fire
  • And many more!

And the best part is, you can try out Beachbody On Demand completely for FREE for 30 days! Click Here!

I’ve been using Beachbody On Demand to stream directly to my TV for awhile now and I love the convience of not having to fumble around with DVDs, or worrying about scratching them, or having them skip or pause in the middle of my workouts.

The reality is, with the ability to stream just about anything, whenever we want, DVDs are becoming an obsolete technology. The future is streaming!

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