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Me Teaching My 6 Month Old Daughter How To Set Up A Blog (lol...obviously I'm j/k)
Me Teaching My 6 Month Old Daughter How To Set Up A Blog (lol…obviously I’m j/k)

Do you want a blog of your own but have NO IDEA where to begin?

Don’t worry, it’s MUCH EASIER than you think. Technology has come a long way and you no longer need any programming skills to run a blog or website of your own.

Don’t let words and acronyms like HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, Cpanel, FTP scare you, I don’t have a clue what any of that stuff means either…LOL…

I’m going to get you started FOR FREE!!…Plus I’m going to hook you up  with tutorial videos that will walk you through everything you need to know every step of the way!

(*AND I’m going to be giving you some secrets to rank high on the search engines! (google))

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So you might be wondering to yourself, “who is this guy and why should I listen to him?” Here’s a quick back story on myself. My name is Marcus Ochoa and I’m a full-time network/internet marketer. I’ve used my blog to generate an email list of 9,955 people. (see screenshot below): 2015-06-22_1207 Not only have I generated 9,955 leads, but I’ve also personally sponsored over 150 people into my network marketing business. I’m not sharing these numbers with you to brag or show I awesome I am or anything like that. The reason I’m sharing these numbers with you show the how powerful a blog can be as a tool for building YOUR business.

Build Your Brand & Create Content That Works For You 24/7

What I love about having a blog is I’m able spend the time to create a blog post once, and then the post is out there on the internet, working for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Creating content is a great use time and great way to leverage the internet to work in your favor. With each blog post you’re acquiring more and more internet “real estate”.

When I learn something new, I write a blog post about it.

When I’m asked a question, I write a blog post about it. (And then when I’m asked again, instead of having to take the time to keep answering the same questions, I just send the link to my blog post…there is a hidden hint here.)

If an idea pops in my head, I can write about it.

If I want to create a special sales page or simply a blank page with a video on it, I have the ability to do so.

Basically, having a blog gives me a creative canvas and the ability to create content.

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