Does Shakeology Work For Weight Loss?

Q. Does Shakeology Work For Weight Loss?

A. Yes, but Shakeology is not the ONLY variable. For example, you can’t dip your McDonald’s french fries in Shakeology and expect the pounds to start falling off.

Duh, I’m sure you knew that already, right? But let me explain a little more…

A simple question that I’m asked several times a week is, “does Shakeology work for weight loss”? And the simple answer is “YES”, but it’s really not that simple.

Weight loss simplified is using up more calories than you take in. Although it’s not that simple either. The number of calories is important, but is NOT the only thing to consider. It’s also about the QUALITY of the calories.

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It’s possible to consume “empty calories“, or calories with zero nutritional value. Pop and sweets are known for mostly being empty calorie foods. (Tip #1 – cut out pop/soda completely.) You want to avoid consuming empty calories as much as possible.

So if you’re counting calories, you want to consider the quality of those calories as well. A 1500 “empty calorie” daily diet would be very unhealthy.

(Interesting sidenote; A nutrition professor once lost 27 pounds eating ONLY junk food. Read the full story here.)

I know, you asked about Shakeology, but remember, the answer is not simple and needs to be explained.

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So, back to the original question… Does Shakeology work for weight loss?

Shakeology is 160 calories of dense nutrition. (The opposite of empty calorie foods). Shakeology will keep you feeling full, curb your cravings for sweets, aid in digestion, while giving your body whole full healthy ingredients.

Shakeology will be effective in helping you lose weight if it is used properly. If you add Shakeology to a crappy diet (junk food, pop, alcohol, sweets, etc), it’s not going to do much.

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The idea, and what will be most effective is to replace something you are eating everyday that is not the most nutritious, with Shakeology. Maybe you replace an unhealthy bagel and cream cheese breakfast, or an afternoon snack of Doritos and a Mt. Dew with Shakeology every day. Over time, that one change will add up and weight will start to come off. For example, see Janice’s results in the video below:

Ultimately, if your goal is to lose weight you need to evaluate your  daily diet and exercise routine. It’s a combination of both, although eating the right foods and getting the proper nutrition in your body is a MAJOR part of the equation, you should also raise your daily activity level.

Make some small changes and stick to them. Be patient and don’t expect results to happen overnight. Consistency is the key. Make the right choices and trust that over time you WILL see results.

Does Shakeology Work For Weight Loss?

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