The “College Approach” To Building Your Beachbody Coach Business

A lot of people sign up to be a Beachbody Coach with big hopes and dreams of building a successful home business for themselves and end up not reaching their goals, giving up, and quitting.

The are many reasons on why this happens, and this is not what this post is about. I’ve already written a post explaining why many people fail at Beachbody Coaching here.

In short, most people fail at everything they try. There is a 95% failure – 5% success rule to everything. The good news is, being in the top 5% is not too difficult because most people are lazy, don’t put in the effort, and give up (too soon).

No offense to you, the truth is, if you’ve even read this far you’re probably not one of the “lazy ones”. (But I can’t say for sure, leave me a comment at the very bottom of this post sharing why YOU will be successful, no matter what.)

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Realistic Expectations

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Don’t Be This Guy

I’m always amazed when a new Beachbody Coach signs up, doesn’t go through any of the training, doesn’t pick up any books, doesn’t reply to emails or phone calls from their upline, and then quits within the first couple of months.

It’s mind boggling to me…

It’s the equivalent of buying the 21 Day Fix, grabbing a bag of chips and a beer, plopping down on the couch, watching the DVD (not working out, just watching the people on TV workout), and saying, “this program is dumb, it’s not working!”

Results are based on effort… This is true for EVERYTHING.

I don’t like to sugarcoat things and I put a huge emphasis on new Beachbody Coaches setting realistic expectations for themselves and their business.

Beachbody Coaching is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You’re not going to make $1000 your first week in the business (and probably not your first month either). The truth is, you probably won’t make very much money your first year in the business. This is normal, and it’s also why many people become discouraged, give up, and quit.

If you don’t understand how the business model works it’s easy to look at your weekly checks, look at the amount of time and work you are putting in, and come up with the conclusion that this business is not worth the effort.

But thinking this way is a HUGE mistake. Early on it may seem like it’s not worth the effort, but it DEFINITELY is!

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The College Approach

With college, you’re expected to pay money to attend classes for 4 years. You learn for 4 years, and then when you’re finished, hopefully you can go out and find an entry level position in the field you’ve been studying (but that’s not always the case).

Here are 2 facts about college; 

The point is, finishing college takes time and effort, and costs a lot of money. And I’m not knocking college, it has it’s place.

Having success (whatever your definition of success is) at anything takes time and effort. There is a learning curve to everything. You don’t walk into a new job on day 1 as an expert and know everything.

With building your Beachbody Coaching business, give yourself time to gain experience and learn. Allow yourself to make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes.

Failure and mistakes are a good thing. It means you are trying. It’s called “experience”.

Here’s the thing… once you KNOW what it takes to succeed, you can do it over and over and over again.

Acquiring the skills, mastering the mindset… these are what it takes to have success in network marketing and things that I’m constantly working on improving in myself.

Building your Beachbody Coaching business is just like any other job or career. It takes TIME and EFFORT to acquire the skills needed for success.

Becoming A Lawyer

lawyer joke
Get It?… SUE…lol

For example, let’s take a look at the process of becoming a lawyer.

If you wanted to be a lawyer, you’d complete your undergraduate degree in 4 years (at best), and then go on to attend law school for another 3 years.

7 years! (and probably a HUGE student loan debt to pay back).

This is the “norm”.

This is expected.

You would NOT expect to, sign up as a lawyer, and be earning top dollar in 30 days.

Things take time.

Building a network marketing business is no different.

(Sidenote – According to, the average lawyer salary is $81K/year.

The average earning of a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach is $97K/yr… See Statement of Earnings Here.)

What is easier to do?… Become a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, or 7 years in college to become a lawyer?

I have a friend who is a lawyer. He works incredibly long hours, is stressed, and seems unhappy… He’s envious of me because I’m able to spend quality time with my family, AND I earn MORE than he does.

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My lawyer friend went to college for 8 years… I went to a community college part time for 2 years and walked away with NO DEGREE…

Now don’t take this the wrong way… I’m not picking on lawyers, college, or anything like that. I arbitrarily picked it for a comparison. I could of also chose doctors. And I’m a huge fan of higher education. (The longer my doctor has spent in college, the more he/she know, the better.)

The point is… what if… WHAT IF you treated your network marking business like a REAL business/career?

The main point I’m trying make in this post is;

“What if you worked as hard on your Beachbody Business as you would at earning a college degree?… Because that is what it takes to succeed.”

WHAT IF you were willing to spend 4 years and a large sum of money on tuition and learning for your network marketing business?

What if you read and studied up on network marketing the same way you would approach college courses or the the Bar Exam?

Would you be willing to “intern” for free for a year? (Which is pretty much also the requirement for network marketing.)

Just some things to think about.

Give yourself at least a year (minimum) to decide if this business is working for you or not.

Put in the effort. Go through the training provided. Seek out additional information and training.

Take action. Make mistake. Learn. Repeat.

Building your Beachbody Coach business IS worth the effort required.

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