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Clean Week is a great introductory program for beginners.

Many people are intimidated by some of Beachbody’s intense workouts, like P90x and Insanity for example. And I get it, to most people, the moves shown on the Insanity workout infomercial can appear… well… INSANE.

Clean Week is NOT as intense as some of the other programs, but if you follow the program, you will still achieve results.

How Clean Week Works

Results come from not only exercise, but also proper nutrition. You can bust your ass in the gym for 2 hours every day, but if you’re not eating the right foods, you’ll never see results. Clean Week’s got you cover on both ends. Simply follow the program the way it’s designed.

Clean Week Workouts

The Clean Week program consists of four 30 minute workouts, and you’ll do one every day for a week. Each workout focuses on a different fundamental of fitness: Cardio, Strength, Core Function, and Flexibility.

Together they provide a well-rounded fitness program that will start you on the journey to feeling great while you get in shape. Not only are the workouts effective, they’re fun, too!

Clean Week Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, the Clean Week Meal Planner breaks it all down for you, step by step. No calorie-counting. No special foods to buy. Just a variety of clean, simple, delicious recipes to choose from that are easy to make using whole, nutritious foods.

The Meal Planner even shows you how to meal prep so you’ll be ready for the entire week and focused on eating right every day.

Your easiest and most delicious healthy habit of the week is Shakeology, which ties your week of daily exercise, clean eating, and healthy habits together.

Formulated with the protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and daily superfoods your body needs, Shakeology helps curb cravings and provides healthy energy to help you power through your workouts.

It’s the secret to helping you get your best results with the program.

What’s great about Clean Week is that you don’t have to commit to doing a 60 or 90 day program… It’s only 1 week, you can do it!

clean weekHow To Access The Clean Week Workouts For FREE

Great News!

You are able to access the Clean Week workouts via streaming through the Beachbody On Demand platform completely for FREE!

Here are the steps to take to be able to access the Clean Week workouts:

  1. Create a FREE Team Beachbody Account – Click Here (Takes 90 seconds, once your account is created come back to this page for step 2.)
  2. Once your free Team Beachbody account is created, you can use your same login credentials to login to Beachbody On Demand at: Once you login to Beachbody On Demand, it will ask if you want to upgrade. To access the Clean Week workouts, all you have to do is click on “No Thanks, I’ll Upgrade Later”. This will take you to the BOD platform and you’ll see all of the workouts available, however you will only have access to the Clean Week workouts.

And that’s it. Once your account is created you will be able the Clean Week workouts!

What To Expect From Clean Week

Clean Week is not designed to deliver dramatic results in 7 seven days… Because it’s ONLY 7 days. With any program, results take time. This is not about being a “fad diet” that you do for a week, 21 Days, or even 90 days. This is about a lifestyle change, which is required for long term lasting results. Clean Week is designed to be a gateway to a healthier lifestyle.

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