Beachbody On Demand Android App

The Beachbody On Demand Android app is finally here!

Being an android user myself, this is an app that I will use and something that I’m excited for. A Beachbody On Demand app for iPhones has been out for awhile, and now there is Beachbody On Demand Android app for Android users.

And what’s great is that you can try out the platform and get full access to every Beachbody workout ever created, along with all of the meals plans, completely for FREE!

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How To Access The Beachbody On Demand Android App

Beachbody On Demand Android
Beachbody On Demand Android App

Step 1) First you will need to create an account because in order to access the platform it will ask you to login. Creating a Beachbody On Demand account is super simple and takes about 2 minutes. Click Here To Get Started!

Step 2) After you’ve created a Beachbody On Demand account, the next step is to install the app the same way that you would install any app from the Google Play Store. Open up the Play Store on your phone and search for “Beachbody On Demand”. It might not be the first app to show up, but you won’t have to scroll down far to find it. Just look for the app that says, “Beachbody On Demand and has the Beachbody logo tied to it. Or if you are on your phone right now, just click here and it will take you directly to the app.

Step 3) Once the Beachbody On Demand Android app is installed you, you will be able to open in up and browse through the platform. You will be able to see all of the different workouts available for streaming, but in order to access them you will need to login into your account using the same login credential you choose in Step 1 – creating your account.

So you’ve created your account, installed the app, and now all you have to do is open up the app, log in, and start streaming. (But in order to get results, you have to follow along and also do the workouts. You can just sit back with a ginormous tub of buttery popcorn and watch the workouts on your phone like it’s a movie, you have to break a sweat yourself… lol.) 😉

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The Benefits Of The Beachbody On Demand Android App

Beachbody On Demand members have always been able to access the content and stream the workouts inside of the Beachbody On Demand library from the web browser on their phone. The purpose of the app is optimize the user experience and make the platform more user friendly.

One main benefit of the app is Android users can now download up to 7 workouts. This enables Beachbody On Demand members to access their workouts without an internet connection. This can be useful for anyone traveling or in a remote area without a strong cell signal.

Every Beachbody On Demand member get access to EVERY Beachbody workout (over 600 workouts and growing) and all of the meal plans. It’s an awesome platform!

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