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Beachbody Coach Big Picture
Kristen & Marcus Ochoa At Beachbody Coach Summit

I’ll be honest, when I first signed up to be a Beachbody Coach I really wasn’t sure what I was signing up for. Back then (5 years ago at the time I’m writing this) I was hoping in make some extra cash. I thought if I could make a couple extra hundred dollars a week, that’s be awesome. I never expected that becoming a Beachbody Coach would turn into a full time business for me. I didn’t understand the potential this business had, and I definitely didn’t see the “big picture”.

When I first started my Beachbody Coach business, I was thinking I could sell a few P90xes and Insanitys here and there, and make a $30 commission for each one that I sold, which is what I did.

I was thinking “small” because I didn’t know any better. I had heard about other Coaches that were having success, but back then, I didn’t believe that was possible for me. I thought there was something “special” about those those other successful Coaches and that I couldn’t do what they have done.

Long story short, my beliefs and my mindset were limiting my success.

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This is something that happens to many brand new Beachbody Coaches. The don’t see the big picture. They don’t truly believe they can have massive success, so they don’t put forth the required effort needed to be successful.

Success in this business is simple. It’s based on the effort put in. Some Coaches sign up, put in the effort, and have great results. Other Coaches sign up, don’t do anything, and therefore don’t see any results.

It’s important to realize that being a Beachbody Coach is much more than simply selling workout programs and shakes. Don’t get me wrong, Beachbody has awesome products and Coaches can earn decent money selling them. But what’s important to understand is that this business truly has unlimited potential.

Because Coaches have the opportunity to build a team and earn bonuses from the volume in their organization, it’s possible to generate a very large income. There’s much more to it than simply selling workout programs and shakes.

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To be successful as a Beachbody Coach, it’s important to see the big picture, understand the potential that your business has, and truly believe that you can achieve massive success. When most new Coaches get started, their belief level is very low, so part of the process is spending time on raising your belief level. Here are a few ways to raise your belief level:

  1. Read books on network marketing. Educate yourself on the business model and how it works.
  2. Watch and listen to all of the success stories and testimonials that you can find. These are REAL people that have had massive success. This is proof of what can be accomplished.
  3. Attend every live event you can. Be willing to travel. The annual Summit is a “Must Attend” event.

“I Have An Engineering Degree…Now You Want Me To Sell Shakes?”

Here’s a great quote from Eric Worre’s book, Go Pro: How To Become A Network Marketing Professional. In order to be successful in network marketing, “you must accept a temporary loss of social self esteem from ignorant people.”

This is very important to know and understand. When you first start out, there WILL be people that laugh at you, tell you that it will never work and that you’re going to fail. This happens to all of us. You can either let this effect you negatively and cause you to give up and quit before you’ve even got started, or you can simply ignore the non-believers and use their negative comments as fuel to prove them wrong.

I choose to work hard to prove the naysayers wrong. And it’s a great feeling when you’re able to say, “I told you so.”

The point I’m trying to make is to not look down on what you’re doing. Don’t look at yourself as a “shake salesperson”. Being a Beachbody Coach is so much more than that.

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Here’s a great example of how NOT to look at it.

I have a friend who works as a mechanical engineer. He makes a decent living, but hates his job. He uses Beachbody workout programs, loves them, and decided to become a Beachbody Coach with the hopes of eventually being able to quit his engineering jog.

Here’s the problem…

When people ask him what he does for a living, he loves telling people that he’s an “engineer”. He feels like that gets him instant respect. He also spent a small fortune attending college for 4 years to earn his degree.

So, although he isn’t happy with his job, he would feel stupid leaving it because he worked so hard and spent so much money on college to get the job that he hates. And when he tells people that he’s started a Beachbody business, they look at him funny and say, “what for?”

In other words, in general, people look at being an “engineer” as success…and look down at Beachbody Coaching (because most people don’t understand it).

He’s kind of in an awkward social situation, which is the case for a lot of people when first starting out. It takes some time to get the ball rolling in this business and tin he first year typically not a lot of income is earned. I’ve seen a lot of people give up and quit way too soon because their checks were not reflecting the work they were putting in.

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The point is, success as a Beachbody Coach starts with seeing the big picture and understanding the potential that this business has for anyone that is willing to put in an effort. Once you see the big picture and understand the potential, the next step is believing that you can create success for yourself with this business. You must truly believe it.

I’ve kind of rambled a bit on this post, and if you’ve stuck with me this long I just want to say “THANKS!” Leave me a comment below letting me know your thoughts.

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