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Beachbody Coach Scam
Is Beachbody Coaching Scam?

What is the deal with this Beachbody Coaching thing? Why are some people calling Beachbody Coaching a scam? In this post I’m going to provide with all of the information you will need to make an informed decision on if this is a real opportunity, or just another scam.

First, I want to start out by giving a little background on Beachbody. Most people think Beachbody is a brand new company, however they have actually been around since 1998. As with most companies, it took Beachbody a few years to get the ball rolling and become profitable.

Through marketing their workout programs with infomercials, Beachbody eventually became a profitable company in 2000, doing just 4.3  million dollars in revenue. By 2003, because of the popularity of the hit workouts Slim On 6, and P90x, Beachbody’s annual revenue increased to 60 million dollars a year. In 2004, that number jumped to 100 million.

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Instead of selling their popular workouts in popular retail stores like Walmart and Target, Beachbody decided to launch a home business opportunity and distribute their workouts through a network of distributors, referred to as “Beachbody Coaches”. In 2007, Beachbody launched their home business opportunity. This has proved to be a wise decision, as Beachbody’s revenue has since grown to over 600 millions dollars, and expect that number to grow to over 1 billion dollars by 2015. (See images below)

Beachbody Coach Scam
Beachbody Annual Revenue

And below is Beachbody’s projected revenue through 2015

Beachbody Projected Annual Revenues
Beachbody Projected Annual Revenues

It is important to know the history of Beachbody because knowing the history and seeing some of the actual numbers will help you determine whether or not Beachbody Coaching is a scam. As you can see from the charts above, Beachbody is on pace to be a billion dollars a year company by 2015.

Now let me ask you this, why would a profitable company, that already had a proven track record of success, and the #1 infomercial in the country, choose to launch some sort of scammy home business opportunity? That just wouldn’t make any sense.

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So Is Beachbody Coaching A Scam?

If you have been reading along, you already know my opinion and that it being a Beachbody Coach is in no way a scam. But, I will explain why some people are running around screaming, “Beachbody Coach Scam!”, at the top of their lungs.

Beachbody’s business opportunity uses the network marketing business model. I’ve found that a lot of people have preconceived notions about network marketing in general, and assume that every company involved in network marketing is shady. There are many reasons why people might have negative feelings about this business model, and it mostly stems from not understanding how it works.

Because most network marketing companies have a low start up cost, and have no requirements to join, anyone can get involved. Many people get involved with false expectations, they think that they are going to “get-rich-quick”, and that it is going to be easy. When these people realize that there is actual work and effort required, they give up, and then they blame the company, they blame the business model and call it a “scam”, they blame their sponsor, they blame anything and everyone for their own failure.

The truth is, having success as a Beachbody Coach, having success in any network marketing company, heck, having success in anything in life takes hard work and real effort. Maybe these people were recruited under false pretenses or false hype, or maybe these people were just lazy. Either way, not everyone will be successful in network marketing. Some will try, and some will fail. But there will be people that put in a real effort and are able to succeed.

People that willing to approach things with an open mind, and that are willing to learn and try new things will see that network marketing is actually an awesomel business model that implements true teamwork and personal development.

There Is No Such Thing As A Beachbody Coach Scam

Being a Beachbody Coach is not a scam. There is no such thing as a Beachbody Coach scam. Network marketing is not a scam. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few “bad apples” out there when it comes to companies and practices, which is why it is important to do your research before you get signed up.

Don’t expect to make quick and easy money as a Beachbody Coach. Expect to work hard, step out of your comfort zone, and learn new things. It isn’t enough to be willing to learn new things, you will be to be eager to learn new things.

When someone asks me if, or tells me that Beachbody Coaching and network marketing is a scam, I always like to drop Donald Trump’s name. And this is what I say.

“If network marketing is a scam, then why did Donald Trump devote an entire chapter to it in his book, Why We Want You To Be Rich?”

Donald Trump has had greater financial success than 99.9% of everyone else in this world, if he recommends the business model, isn’t it AT LEAST worth taking a look at.

What do you think? Is Beachbody Coaching A Scam? Leave a comment below letting me know what you think.

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