Beachbody Coach Discount

Beachbody Coach Discount
The Beachbody Coach Discount Is 25 Percent

Are you looking for a way to get the Beachbody Coach discount on your Beachbody purchases, or just wondering how much the Beachbody Coach discount is?

If so you are in the right place. In this post I’m going to be explaining what the Beachbody Coach discount is, and how you can get it to save money on your own purchases.

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Beachbody Coach Discount – 25%

Generally the Beachbody Coach discount is 25%. In most cases, Beachbody Coaches are able to save 25% on all of their purchases. Below is a few comparisons of normal retail prices VS the Beachbody Coach price.


  • Retail price – $119.85
  • Coach price – $89.89


  • Retail price – $119.85
  • Coach price – $89.89

Body Beast

  • Retail price – $89.85
  • Coach price – $67.39


  • Retail price – $129.95
  • Coach price – $97.46

Ultimate Reset

  • Retail price -$229.95
  • Coach price – $172.46

How To Get The Beachbody Coach Discount

As you can from the price comparisons above, it is possible to save a considerable amount of money with the 25 percent Beachbody Coach discount. But there is a  small catch. In order to become a Beachbody Coach and be able to get the Beachbody Coach discount, there is a small start up cost, and a $15.95 recurring monthly fee. So it really only make sense to become a Beachbody Coach just for the discount if you are purchasing Beachbody products on a regular monthly basis. If you are drinking Shakeology every month, or are ordering a significant amount of other supplement on a regular basis, you would end up saving money in the long run by becoming a Coach and taking advantage of the 25% discount you would get.

Determining whether or not becoming a Coach for the discount makes sense is pretty simple. If you are going to be saving more money than you will be spending, then it makes sense to become a Coach. For example, if you are drinking Shakeology on a daily basis, and ordering it every month, you will be saving $30 a month on the cost, but you’ll be paying $15.95 a month to be a Coach, which will drop the savings down to approximately $14 a month. Over the course of a year, those saving add up to $168 for the year.

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Keep in mind that the above example is just for Shakeology. You will save even more money with the Beachbody Coach discount if you are someone that orders multiple products on a regular basis. For example, I personally order 2 bags of Shakeology a month (1 for me, 1 for my wife), a box of P90x Protein Bars, the P90x Recovery Drink, Omega 3 Supplements, and more recently I’ve been taking the Body Beast supplements which are the Base Shake, Fuel Shot, Creatine, and Suma Root. So because I order many supplements, I would benefit from becoming a Coach just for the discount.

Many customers have become Coaches in order to get the discount, and then discovered how easy it was to make a few extra bucks by recommending Shakeology, and Beachbody workouts to their friends, family, and coworkers. Most customers that use these products seem to talk about them all of the time with other people, and feel great recommending a product they enjoy themselves and that truly gets results, so becoming a Coach and getting paid for the referral is just a natural fit.

The start up cost to get started as a Beachbody Coach is so low, actually free when one purchases a Challenge Pack during the signup process, there is nothing to lose and very little risk. If you are someone that purchases Beachbody products on a regular basis, and want to signup to be a Beachbody Coach just for the Beachbody Coach discount, then go for it.

FREE Ebook – 8 Things You MUST Know Before You Become A Beachbody Coach

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