The Only 2 Ways To Build Your Beachbody Coach Business

The reality is that most Beachbody Coaches never take action. They get signed up with good intentions and are genuinely excited about getting started, but when it comes down to actually getting to work and doing something, they don’t get started, or stop at the first hurdle they encounter.

Mark Twain said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, then starting on the first one.”

And Don Shula said, “The start is what stops most people.”

So why do some people take action and some don’t?

That is a great question and there is not a black and white answer. The answer falls in a gray area and is different for everyone.

For me personally, I didn’t take action right from the start because my belief level was low. My belief in the business model, and in myself was low. I had to work on raising my belief level before I was ready to take action. (What’s also important is having a high belief level of the products. I had that from the beginning so I was all good there.)

I don’t want to get too “deep” on belief and mindset in this post, I’ll save that for another time. I just thought it’s worth mentioning and what most Coaches that are struggling are missing.

If your belief  is where it needs to be, keep reading, I’m going to tell you the only 2 ways there are to grow your Beachbody Coach business.

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There Are ONLY 2 Ways To Grow Your Beachbody Business

First, let’s talk about social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram. You will NOT be able to grow your Beachbody business by only posting things to Facebook or Instagram. (Unless you are famous or a very influential person.) I’m going to write that again because it’s super important to understand.

You will NOT be able to grow your Beachbody business by only posting things to Facebook or Instagram.

I see a lot Coaches doing only this, and sure you might be able to generate a little interest, and maybe make a few sales here and there, it’s still not an effective method of generating business consistently.

Don’t get me wrong, sharing your story and posting your journey on social media is a good idea, but you also have to be reaching out to people directly through text messages, private messages, emails, and even the good ol fashioned phone call. You must reach out directly to people and say, “Hey Joe, I’m starting another round of Hammer and Chisel next week, do you want to do it with me?”

Or, “Hey Joe, have you ever thought about doing what I do as a Beachbody Coach?… You seem to be a very influential person and are already inspiring others. I think you’d be awesome at this, can I send you over a short video that explains how it works?”

You must connect with people, start a conversation, and ultimately ASK them, or INVITE them to do something. You must open up yourself to be rejected.

On social media, many Coaches are making a post that says something along the lines of, “I’m starting a Challenge Group, comment below “I’m in” if you want to join.”

I get it, with that approach you don’t have to face rejection. No one is telling you “no”. The problem is, it doesn’t work.

On facebook, it’s important to understand that when you make a post, generally only about 10% of your friends will see that post. This means if you have 300 friends, only 30 people will see that post. Often times you’ll make a post that doesn’t get any comments or “likes” and become discouraged and think no one cares. The reality is, it’s not that no one is interested, it’s that most people didn’t even see your post.

The main point is… start reaching out to people directly. Asking the question, and getting a yes or no from them.

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So What Are The 2 Ways To Build My Business?

There are only 2 ways to build your Beachbody Coach business. Let’s take a step back and take a simple look at the business model.

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1) Active Prospecting

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“But I Don’t Know Anyone”

Active prospecting is good ol fashioned talking people and sharing with them products that you use yourself and love. “Active” means that you are actively reaching out to people directly and contacting them. You’re letting them know what you are doing, and asking them if they have a need for your products or opportunity, and if they would like to try them out.

With active prospecting you start out with your “list”. You build a list of everyone you know, and then reach out to them. This doesn’t have to be weird, awkward, or salesy. If you’re reaching out to your “hot market” (very close family members or friends), you can simply ask for their support by trying out your product. You could start by saying something like this;

Phone call to your Aunt Suzy, “Hey Aunt Suzy, I’ve gotten involved in a business that I’m super excited about. I don’t want you to try and talk me out it, and I’m not asking you to join it. I’m not even asking for you to be my customer, but I am asking you for your help.

I want you to try “xx”, for 1(or 2, 3 months). If you love it, great, you can become my preferred customer. If you don’t, you never have to try it again. But I want you to try if for 3 months, and then let my know what you think.

Can I count on you?

Because I have the opportunity to advance myself to a really good position, and all I have to do, to do that, is go out and get 5 (10-15) trial customers… Can I count on you to help me?”

Aunt Suzy will either say yes, or no.

That’s one simple example of what you could say to someone that is in your hot market. Typically, our hot market will say yes to whatever we’re asking just because they want to support us.

Basically, active prospecting is reaching out to people directly EVERY day and letting them know what you’re doing, and also asking if they are interested in doing it too. (Sharing either the product or opportunity.)

Your daily numbers don’t have to be incredibly high, it’s consistency that matters. A good general rule is 2-3 new exposures (invites) a day, along with 2-3 follows up a day.

Can You Invite 2 New People A Day? 

Of course you can! Here’s how I know.

Imagine this hypothetical scenario…

Let’s say instead of this being YOUR business, you were an employee and your job was to go out and make 2 new exposures every day and you got paid $100 for every exposure, or $200 a day. 5 days a week, and if you miss a day, you’re fired… Could you do that?

I bet you’ll say you can do that for $200 a day. Then I’d ask you how are going to do it, where are you going to find people, etc, and your answer would probably be, “I don’t know, I’d figure it out.”

“I’d figure it out” is actually a great answer, because that it was it takes. With everyone we already, the internet, and social media, finding 2 new people to talk to everyday is not very hard.

Now I know some of you may argue, “but I’m not getting paid $100” for each exposure. That’s true, but it’s possible you are being paid much much more. The point is, you could do the activity if you had the motivation.

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2) Passive Marketing

Passive marketing is creating a piece of valuable content and putting it on the internet in the form of a blog post/article, or video (preferably YouTube), and hoping someone finds it, turns into a lead, and wants to do business with you.

Don’t confuse passive marketing with social media marketing. Social media has a very short “shelf life”. When you make a post on facebook or instagram, after a couple of hours that content is buried and basically gone forever, at least to new eyes.

Consider when you make a blog post or YouTube video. That content will be out in internetland FOREVER. That content can be searched for and discovered by people looking for what you have to offer.

I’m not saying to abandon social media completely, but I want to make sure you understand the difference.

Here’s an example; I sometimes see Beachbody Coaches doing facebook “Live” videos, which is great, but they are not also creating videos for YouTube. When someone does a facebook “live” video, or even just a normal video for facebook, only their friends will see it. But when you upload a video to YouTube, with the proper title and description, people from anywhere in the world have the potential to search for it and find it. If you’re making video (and you should be) why not do it in a way to reach the largest audience possible?

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These are the only 2 ways to build your Beachbody business. Remember, you’re using social media to actively prospect and reach out to people directly. Use your Facebook/Instagram posts to generate curiosity and interest, then you still MUST reach out to people directly.

Many successful Beachbody Coaches have build businesses simply with active prospecting. Passive marketing is NOT required, but it can’t hurt.

Wheeew… I’ve covered a lot in this post so to wrap things up, here are the main takeaways.

  • Start reaching out to people directly, this is “Active Prospecting”. Ask the question, get a yes or a no.
  • In addition to active prospecting, start passive marketing.

If we take a step back and look at what will build your network marketing business, it’s simply getting your product and opportunity in front of people. Your personal success is determined by how many people you’ve invited or shared with. If you haven’t gotten your business in front of anyone this week, guess what?… Your business will not grow this week.

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