Star Diamond Beachbody Coach Quarterly Bonuses

Star Diamond Beachbody Coach Quarterly Bonuses
Star Diamond Beachbody Coach Quarterly Bonuses

Did you know that Beachbody Coaches at certain ranks earn quarterly bonuses?

Not many Coaches know this and for some reason it is not talked about very often. Personally, I think this should be mentioned more publicly, I think knowing about these bonuses and knowing the actual dollar amounts these Coaches are receiving could be motivating and inspiring to a lot of people.

Which is why in this post I’m going to show you the exact amount qualifying Coaches received for the second quarter of 2013 (April, May, & June)

Beachbody Coach Star Diamond Quarterly Bonus – Who Qualifies?

The company sets aside 2 percent of the total company team volume (TV), which is paid quarterly to the qualified Star Diamond Coaches. Each of the qualified Star Diamond ranks share equally in the Star Diamond Bonus Pools in which they are qualified to participate. Each of the four (4) different Star Diamond Leadership Bonus pools is funded with ½% of the total Company bonus volume (BV).

  • Pool # 1 – Active and Qualified Two Star Diamond or higher share in this ½% pool
  • Pool # 2 – Active and Qualified Five Star Diamond or higher share in this ½% pool
  • Pool # 3 – Active and Qualified Ten Star Diamond or higher share in this ½% pool
  • Pool # 4 – Active and Qualified Fifteen Star Diamonds share in this ½% pool

How Much Is The Star Diamond Quarterly Bonus?

So let’s get to the point. What you probably want to know is what the exact dollar amount of these bonuses are, am I right?

The Star Diamond bonus amounts vary each quarter depending on how many Coaches qualify at each level, and how much volume was created within the entire company for that quarter. The amounts fluctuate, but usually the fluctuations aren’t that much one way or the other. It would be logical to think that as more and more Coaches reached these ranks and qualified for bonuses, that the share would go down, but that isn’t the case. Over the past few years, the bonus amounts have remained pretty close to the same. As more Coaches qualify for these bonuses, the share is not affected because the number of Coaches added to the network every quarter also continues to go up, which increases the total amount of volume in the bonus pool.

But enough beating around the bush. Below are the actual numbers of the Beachbody Coach Star Diamond bonus for the 2nd quarter of 2013 as told to me by one of my 15 Star friends (I’m not at that level yet, but I’m working towards it):

  • 2 Star Diamond Bonus Amount – $918.10
  • 5 Star Diamond Bonus Amount – $2,797.52
  • 10 Star Diamond Bonus Amount – $12,515.20
  • 15 Star Diamond Bonus Amount – $23,778.88

Here’s the kicker! As Beachbody Coaches move up in the ranks, they qualify for EVERY bonus at each level! So for example, from the numbers above, a 10 Star Diamond would of earned all 3 amounts:

  • $918.10
  • $2,797.52
  • 12,515.20
  • Total Quarterly Bonus Amount For A 10 Star Diamond – $16,230.82!

And a 15 Star Diamond Coach would of earned all 4 amounts:

  • $918.10
  • $2,797.52
  • $12,515.20
  • $23,7778.88
  • Total Quarterly Bonus Amount For A 15 Star Diamond – $40,009.70!

Yes, that is over $40,000 every quarter, or over $160,000 a year…in bonuses alone…on top of their commissions and team cycle bonuses for any 15 Star Diamond.

I wanted to share these numbers because I think it will help anyone that is thinking about becoming a Beachbody Coach, or anyone that is already a Beachbody Coach to see the income earning potential this business really has and to also help with setting long term goals.

Realistically, reaching the rank of 15 Star Diamond is going to take years…maybe 3 years, maybe 5 years, maybe even 10 years. How long it takes isn’t really important. What is important is to be constantly moving forward and consistently growing your business. If you are consistent, reaching these higher ranks in inevitable.

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