How To Make $500 A Month (CONSISTENTLY) As A Beachbody Coach

How To Make $500 A Month As A Beachbody Coach
How To Make $500 A Month As A Beachbody Coach

When new Beachbody Coaches sign up and join my team, one of my goals is help them reach the milestone of earning $500 a month consistently in their Beachbody business. When I ask people, “would $500 of extra income a month be life changing to you or at least make your life easier?”…

The vast majority will answer this question with a “HELL YEAH!” (or the more politely option of “Of Course!”). The answer is pretty obvious, who wouldn’t want an extra $500 a month…amiright?

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The extra money could go to paying the mortgage or rent, saving for a vacation, paying off student loans or credit card debt, cover a nice monthly car payment, or if you want a Tony Soprano look-alike to show up at your party, $500 would cover the cost:

I know, Tony Soprano is kind of a random reference, the point is, you can do A LOT with an extra $500 a month. Math isn’t my strong suit, but I think $500/mth adds up to somewhere around $6000 over the course of an entire year!

Earning an extra $500 a month is like giving yourself a $6000 annual raise…

In this post I’m going to crunch the numbers and give some examples for what it takes for a Beachbody Coach to consistently earn $500 a month. You may be surprised at how simple this can be.

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How Can A Beachbody Coach Make $500 A Month (Consistently)

The first things I want you to understand is that this is YOUR business, and YOUR RESULTS are going to depend on YOUR EFFORTS. It’s NOT about timing, luck, or positioning. It doesn’t matter who personally sponsored you into the business.

What does matter is YOU and your efforts. The sooner you realize this and accept this, the faster you will be able to move your Beachbody Coach business forward.

No excuses. No blaming others. You must take 100% responsibility for your business and your results. (Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I won’t help you, answer your questions, and point you in the right direction, but you must take action, I can’t do that for you. I can provide a vehicle, a road map to follow, and even put the key in and start the engine for you, but it’s up to you to get in the car and drive.)

With that being said…let’s get down to business

Here’s the simple plan to making $500/mth

Sell 3 Challenge Packs a Month (yes…it’s that simple)

If a Beachbody Coach can sell just 3 Challenge Packs a month, you will make over $500 by your 5th month in business. Here’s the breakdown (to keep the math simple I’m using the $205 Challenge Packs in the examples, they pay $70 in commissions for each sale. The actual numbers and commissions will depend on which Challenge Packs are sold, but this is example will give you a general idea on this can work:

  • Month 1 – 3 Challenge Pack Sales equals $210 in commissions
  • Month 2 – 3 Challenge Pack sales ($210) plus 3 Shakeology reorder commissions from previous month ($90) equals $300
  • Month 3 – 3 Challenge Pack sales ($210) plus 6 Shakeology reorder commissions from previous months ($180) equals $390
  • Month 4 – 3 Challenge Pack sales ($210) plus 3 Shakeology reorder commissions from previous months ($270) equals $480
  • Month 5 – 3 Challenge Pack sales ($210) plus 3 Shakeology reorder commissions from previous months ($360) equals $570

You have probably noticed that I’ve used the word “consistently” several times above. This is the secret, it’s all about CONSISTENCY.

If you can sell just 3 Challenge Packs a month, this will also mean that you will qualify for Success Club 5 every month. One of the benefits of qualifying for Success Club 5 is that you will be given Shakeology customers AND the commissions! My example above doesn’t include those numbers so your earnings will be even higher than what I showed.

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Team Cycle Bonuses

There is more than 1 way to earn $500 a month as a Beachbody Coach.

Beachbody Coaches are able to earn income in several ways. The 2 main ways are from their own retail sales where they generally will earn a 25% commission (Challenge Pack sales give a higher commission. The $205 Challenge Packs pay slightly over 34%.),  and the 2nd way a Coach can earn income is from Team Cycle bonuses.

Figuring out income from retails sales is simple. A Coach makes a sale, they earn commission. How many sales they make will determine how much they earn.

Team Cycle bonuses are based on all of them Team Volume being produced in a Beachbody Coach’s organization…and there is no limit to how high this number can go grow.

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Here’s the magic weekly number in order for a Coach to earn $500 a month just is Team Cycle bonuses:

2700 TV/week (Team Volume)

This 2700 would results in 9 cycles, at $14 each for a total of $126 for the week (which adds up to over $500 for the month.)

This 2700 must be broken up into the right leg, and the left leg. It could be an even split with 1350 TV in each leg, or it could be a 2:1 split, with 1800 TV being in one leg and 900 TV being in the opposite leg. Any ratio that is greater than 2:1, you won’t earn a cycle bonuses on. The good news is that no Team Volume is lost or goes to waste. If you are not able to cycle on the volume immediately (because your ratio between legs is greater than 2:1) it carries over to the next week and keeps accumulating until you are able to balance out your legs and eventually earn bonuses on.

To help you better understand TV points, below I list a few products and how much TV each product is worth.

  • Shakeology – 90 TV
  • T25 – 90 TV
  • p90x3 – 90 TV
  • Turbo Fire – 60 TV
  • Results & Recovery Drink – 25 TV

Your total TV will be the accumulated amount of all products bought and sold within your organization. When you build a large team, your total TV each week can also be a very large number.

It is very important to understand how the team building process works, and that it is a slow process, especially during the first year. During your first year as a Coach, the majority of the income you earn will come from your own retail sales. I think this is where a lot of new Coaches become discouraged. They start off great, sponsor a few Coaches here and there, but don’t see the immediate reward. Their weekly Team Volume is still very low and they are seeing little to no cycle bonuses at all. This affects their sponsoring, as the don’t see the long term benefit, and then there business does not move forward.

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t expect instant gratification. Understand the process is very slow in the beginning for…for every new Coach.

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Ultimately, the best way to build your business is to consistently be acquiring new customers, and sponsoring new Coaches onto your Team. By slowing building your customer base, and your team, you will be setting yourself up for long term success. Over time, it’s very easy to get to $500 a month in your Beachbody business. If you are a brand new Coach, or not even a Coach yet (you can get signed up here), I highly recommend not worrying about all of the specifics and details on Team Volume points, and ranks, cycle bonuses, etc. You will learn all of that stuff as you go. What is most important is to TAKE ACTION. If you wait until you know and understand every single detail before you get started…you’ll never get started.

Keep things simple. Focus on qualifying for Success Club every month by selling 3 Challenge Packs. Make that your #1 goal, and everything else will fall into place.

FREE Ebook – 8 Things You MUST Know Before You Become A Beachbody Coach