Beachbody Coach Million Dollar Business

Did you know that a Beachbody Coach business has an “asset value“?

There is much more to Beachbody’s home business opportunity than just selling shakes for a 25% commission.

I was shocked to recently learn that my Beachbody Coach business is worth over $1 million dollars.

You’re probably saying to yourself right now, “BS Marcus, how can that be?”

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Determining Your Beachbody Business’ Asset Value

Via The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke:

“The asset value of your Network Marketing income will be approximately 200 times your monthly income.”

In his book, Richard compares a real estate investment property VS a network marketing business which helps this make more sense.

For example, if you owned a rental home, you would earn approximately $5000/mth in rent from renting out a million dollar home. (And this is assuming that you own the home free and clear with no mortgage, which most likely won’t be the case.)

So by comparison, if your networking marketing business is generating $5000/mth in residual income (Team Cycle bonuses), that is worth the same as a $1 million dollar asset.

If this assessment is correct, my Beachbody business is worth over $1 million dollars!

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Regardless of what your know-it-all brother-in-law is telling you, your Beachbody Coach business has an “asset value”.

Here’s another scenario via Building an Empire:

“If you buy a home with a mortgage of $250,000 and your monthly payment is, say, $1,500. Let’s assume you can rent this home out for $2,000 a month. This gives you a $500/month gross residual income (before taking out any expenses like repairs, commissions, advertising, etc., which adds up. So you would need to take out $1,000,000 in loans to buy 4 houses to generate $2,000/month gross.”

When you run through the numbers and do the math, owning investment properties is not a very profitable (or realistic) business to get into for most people.

Realistically, how many people are going to qualify for a $1 million dollar investment property loan?

It’s much more realistic to build a Beachbody Coach (or any network marketing) business that generates $2000/month, without the headaches of tenants, maintenance, repairs, etc.

Do you agree?

I’ve considered buying some rental properties as a way to diversify and have an additional stream of income, but after crunching the numbers I feel like it would be way easier to spend my time and energy on building my Beachbody business and earn another $1000/$2000 month that way instead.

Obviously I’m not an expert on real estate investments. I’m sure there are some great benefits to owning rental property. I love the idea of owning an asset that generates cash for you pretty much “hands free”. I’m just giving a different perspective and some fuel for thought.

Don’t take any of this the wrong way. I’m NOT saying that building a successful Beachbody Coach business is easy. Just like anything else, it takes effort, perseverance, and sacrifice.

It’s not easy…but it’s worth it!

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I started thinking to myself….If someone offered me $1 million dollars to buy my Beachbody business from me, would I sell it?

That large lump sum is very tempting…but at that price, it wouldn’t make financial sense for me to sell it.

The point is, as Beachbody Coaches we’re doing much more than simply selling shakes.

We’re building a business.

We’re building an empire.

We’re building something that will earn us income for years to come!

In order to succeed as a Beachbody Coach, you must see the “bigger picture” and realize what the true potential is.

If you truly believe you can build a million dollar business, you’ll make the required sacrifices and put in a serious effort.

If all you see is a $30 commission from making sale, that probably won’t motivate you enough to do what it takes to have success.

Pick up the 2 books I mentioned above, The Four Year Career, and Building an Empire, and learn about the network marketing business model.

The more you LEARN, the more you Earn.

Click Here to get my FREE Ebook, 8 Things You Must Know Before You Become A Beachbody Coach!

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